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We do not typically include REVIEWS on our product listing pages.  It's not that we are against feedback - we love it!  It's just that OUR CREATIONS are just that . . . CREATIONS.  And, specifically . . . they are SOUL CREATIONS.

They are designed by my soul and spirit - for another soul.  They are intentionally TRANSFORMATIONAL, DEEP and POTENT - and above all else . . . PRIVATE!  These are spirit and heart-centered creations designed to draw forth the deepest and truest and most potent parts of you - your soul, your essence, your spirit.  THE MOST AUTHENTIC YOU!

And so, quite obviously, asking you to share something THAT PERSONAL and THAT PRIVATE, no matter how enchanting the journey . . . has always seemed to me to be, at best, self-serving.  And at worst - a breach of trust.

Yet, so many of you do write me with wondrous comments and testaments to the power of our creations combining with YOUR SOUL to enact POWERFUL CHANGES OF LIGHT within you and for you.

And some of you have even said, "Please feel free to share my story, my experience, of your creation.  I wish you would!"

I have not done so . . . and thought I never would.  But today, someone said something TRULY MAGICAL to me.  She said, and I quote - "If I could tell everyone about you and how you have touched and changed my life, I WOULD. I wish I could, just so that THEY TOO could have this same beautiful, magical, tender experience.  I feel so lucky.  And so blessed.  To have found you."

And wow, was I TOUCHED!  I've heard it before.  But this time it had an electrical energy to it.  And I knew to PAY ATTENTION.  I knew . . . this had a deeper meaning and purpose than just the warm glow it brought to my heart.  So I waited, to see what GIFT her comment was truly bringing, hidden below THE HUMAN thoughts and emotions.  

She made me think.  And wonder.  But I was not going to move off my personal feeling that these are soulful and private interactions between us - you, I, and spirit.  Not something to be "garnered" for or gathered in the ways others do for marketing.  We are not about that - as you know! ;- )

But then came this little shimmer that instead of reviews, I was just going to share a few of the most playful, most inspiring, most magical comments that come.  And so I created this space . . . "TOUCHED"

If you want to know how our creations will impact you - you will want to experience them for yourself.  That is why we do not market or try to "SELL" anything.  WE create, put it on the shoppe, and allow the universe to send those to find our gifts and our creations . . . who are ready for them. 

But :- ), if you would like to see what kind of soulful magic WE ARE UP TO in this sacred space, then here is just a glistening "touch" of what some precious souls have said of their own experience here.  They were each "TOUCHED" in their own way by our work, our play, our light.  And so, too, could you be.

I add to these only as I really feel led to do so.  They change from time to time as well.  And you'll always only find a sprinkling . . . just a few to sparkle up our space!


Here is what a few of our clients

Who have been TOUCHED

By our magic . . .

  Have To Say:


"Thank you so much
It was truly LIFE-ALTERING!"
"I cannot tell you what a difference
THE ESSENCE has made for me.
Thank heavens I found you!"
"I would never have made it through this powerful time
Without the wisdom and encouragement
THE CONNECTION you did gave to me.
I and my whole family are eternally
"You are my
"The Class Video was so inspiring.
I laughed, I cried, I pondered . . .
And I can't wait to learn more."
"You have a magical way of teaching.
It's one part magic, two parts love,
And three parts pure spirit.
I want to take them all!"


And so, the magic - OUR MAGIC of LIGHT - continues.

One touch . . . at a time!

Love & Blessings,





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