Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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The Sanctuary Of Light - Created Just For You

sanctuary of light, awakenings of light

Awakening Light is not something you can experience . . . with your mind.  It is also not something you can find using an outline, map, or "follow these steps" process.

It is . . . about THE UNKNOWN.  And most of the teaching and learning in our world now is completely counter to that.  Do this and do that.  Know this and know that.  Follow this plan, this formula, this outline.

I can tell you this.  You may enjoy that process - but it isn't going to work.  THE ONLY WAY to travel into the halls of ONENESS and PURE LIGHT - "PURE LOVE" - is through the heart.  And the heart excels in an environment of mystery - of soulful magic - and of the deep and profound . . . UNKNOWN.

So if you approach this process in any other way, you leave its true nature behind - and that will lead you to a journey and path that may be quite beautiful - but is not really the enchanting one your soul is yearning to reveal to you.

OUR CLASSES are different.  They aren't even classes.  And they are not even journeys, truth be told.  They are, instead, A SACRED SPACE of awakening.  They honor the mystery, they behold the wisdom of not knowing, and they utterly DISSOLVE THE PRESENCE OF FEAR.  In doing so - you soar!  Your essence and soul steps forward and takes the reins to reveal to you all that you most need to see, to know, to comprehend.

It is here that we really begin to EXPAND.  To AWAKEN.  And to live our truest lives from a space of pure consciousness.  There's nothing like it - that inner knowing that WE ARE living as all we came to be.  That life itself is just perfect.  And that we are infinitely creating OUR DEEPEST GIFTS for the world.

But . . . above all that, which is richly blessed in its own right . . . there is more.  In this space of expansion, WE RECEIVE our truest gifts and blessings.  The treasures our life was created to unfold and reveal, the energies and moments of wonder which our soul is literally BURSTING to bring forth.

There is no other way to live OUR TRUEST LIFE - than from within . . . THE CENTER OF THE UNKNOWN.  The more you think you know where you are going and the more you are following or laying out a map - the more lost you have become.  THE MYSTERY of LOVE ITSELF is born of the trust and the knowing that when we release and melt into the ethers of oneness . . . OUR TRUEST POWERS and GIFTS are born.

This shoppe is dedicated to that sacred, unbounded "process" . . . of unfolding your truest light.  And our "classes" are the sanctuary within which your truest light can be . . . beheld.  Our classes are SACRED SPACE . . . held for . . . YOUR DEEPEST AWAKENINGS.  Your true power, and your true bliss, lie here . . . within its walls.  Boundless Light.  Infinite depths of love.  AND THE PURE UNKNOWN.

This is . . . the magic of the soul.

Is it yours?  If not . . .then it can be.

Come live the most exciting, most enchanting, most expanding life . . . ever lived on earth.  It is yours . . . for the taking!  Choose your awakening. 

And let's begin!


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