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The Power Of . . . A Connection

The Power Of A Connection

When I first began what grew into these precious, magical, powerful "GIFTS OF LIGHT" you find below . . . I had no idea what I was doing.  And I surely did not know why.

What I DID do was follow my heart.  Listen to its gentle urging and take a leap.  What you find here below began in the most humble of ways.  It exploded from there, it is true - but - its very first breaths were born of a simple, ordinary, innocuous . . . CONNECTION.

I ran into someone I did not know . . . at our neighborhood mailbox.  She said something as an aside, off the cuff - and I replied, also off the cuff.  That single - 5 second meeting - nearly launched an entire destiny.

And that one tiny connection . . . opened a doorway that we then both walked through together - if not simultaneously.  That woman became my friend - and like a sister to me.  Yet, we did not know one another and our lives and beliefs were as different as oil and water - or so it would seem.  But . . . we allowed that first, sparkling moment between us . . . to guide us forward.  And guide did it ever!

At her request - and as my soul or essence pushed me to do :- ) - she and I began "gathering" on my front porch for "talks" and "chats" about . . . well, my world, my wisdom, my view of Light - of Pure Love, and of Who We Truly Are.  You see, that single little interaction between two strangers had touched her in a way neither of us expected.  Wildly out of the blue, we followed a path together which unfolded before us, neither of us knowing where it would go.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because for the bigger part of 3 years this woman met me quite often on my front porch, asking questions, raising issues, exploring ordinary human thoughts and feelings and events - which compelled me to share how they all could be seen from a different - a higher vibrational - perspective.  We went far and deep and wide in our explorations - and we made too many magical discoveries to count.

And we did all that at a time when I was so sick I could barely hold my head up most days.  But still we met - still I spoke - still we explored.

What you find in our HEARTS OF LIGHT collection . . . offered to you here as a free gift . . . was born of those intimate connections between two strangers.  What I know is this - our time together - changed us both.  She grew and expanded and discovered all she is meant to be.  Her inner landscape transformed in ways you cannot even imagine - and her outer life began to hold those same energies a bit more every day.

I remained "sick" the entire life span of our gatherings . . . but we continued on.  She gave me the gift of realizing that . . . I LOVED sharing my deepest, purest heart with her.  I LOVED sharing the wisdoms and truths of light and pure love that were my own - with her.  I LOVED sharing my life, private a person though I am, as a way of giving her real-life examples she could peer into honestly - as they were about someone else, and not her own life, she could see more objectively.  And I LOVED how sharing living examples with her from my own life illuminated something priceless to her:  how living without fear SPARKS something deep and profound within us, changing us and our life in the most magical of ways.  And I LOVED being this beautiful mirror where she could come, speak, question, query and explore . . . ALL THE LIGHT of spirit and the heart.

We never had a plan or an agenda.  I never knew what we would talk about, what the questions were in advance, or even who or what frequency of spirit and unseen beings might show up to contribute and join us.  What I did know was this . . . there was no question we could not explore and there was no wisdom I could not share and make available for us.

It was a magical time.  SO MAGICAL, in fact, that almost ten years later when she got married, she yearned to have the ceremony right there on our front porch.  And it is true to this day, that place felt so sacred and so magical to us both . . . and held the full expanse of spirit present with us on most days.

We don't meet like that anymore.  But those times gave us both some of the most profound gifts our hearts have ever received.  THAT CONNECTION began the powerful process of me sharing THE GIFTS OF THE HEART in person, not just online and in email - not just with those I know.

So what have we here - for you?  We have those same, magical gatherings and their wisdom now becoming available for every one of you.  If you choose, you can click in to listen to an audio recording of various magical talks we had about the full spectrum of the universe, and life on earth - in a very simple framework.  The recording technology from a decade ago - but it presents a magical window you can peer through to receive simple and expansive wisdoms we all can use right now to create happier, more blissful, more TRUE lives.

And if you are touched in a way that begins to open the petals of your own inner heart to begin taking this same very special, very sacred journey for yourself . . . then our "INTRODUCTION TO LOVE and LIGHT" will also soon be offered here for you.  Each of the topics and conversations she and I explored - which you can listen to for free in the HEARTS OF LIGHT COLLECTION below - will then soon be offered as a class of its own where we take the discovery deeper, revealing more of its wisdom and secrets, blessings and gifts.  It will be a magical way of learning to APPLY the living of that which you discover below to your own life - in a powerful and enduring way.  A way that transforms your life.

You are welcome to join us at any time.  These are smaller, shorter, and more introductory than any of our other classes offered here.  Yet . . . :- ) . . . they are the very ones which began it all.  And transformed her life and my own as well.

A special, magical connection of the heart.

Are you in?

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