Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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The Magic . . . Of Light!


If there is one truth, one wisdom, one KNOWING . . . which LIGHT and ONENESS hold ever true, at any frequency, it is this:  "Your Happiness - YOUR BLISS - is in your hands."

Our modern world rarely truly  embodies this knowing, except in self-help modalities focused almost completely on you changing how you THINK, how you SEE, yourself and the world around you.

But here is a big whopping secret - HAPPINESS . . . and BLISS . . . come only from inside  YOU.  They cannot be bestowed on you by another, and nothing of material making can conjure them up - hard as you may try.  The world is replete with people of epic abundance or resources who are a shell of forgotten misery and unhappiness.

The POWER is ours - but that power is not coming from our mind.  Nor does it come from outside of us.  IT COMES FROM WITHIN.  Our human self may never have touched those things in continual measure - HAPPINESS and BLISS - but, in truth, OUR TRUE BEINGNESS holds them and lives them for all time.  Into . . . eternity.

Our Celestiava Magic TREE OF LIGHT SCHOOL is all about becoming the TRUE YOU.  And I mean here . . . THE TRUEST YOU.  The one that is no different from YOUR SOUL, YOUR HIGHEST LIGHT, YOUR ESSENCE OF PURE BEINGNESS.  For it is here that our soulful magic, our spiritual power, and our human gifts and creational abilities all are born.  THEY EACH FLOW from our center.  And the closer the outer or surface "YOU" is to that center point light spark of you . . . the easier and more compellingly that magic, that power, and those gifts TAKE FORM.

WE are all about LIGHT here at Celestiava*Magic.  And in case you were not sure what that means, it is this:  PURE LOVE.  Love without fear.  The love which is the creation spirit of the universe.  The energy and the frequency of . . . PURE SPIRIT.

Join us.  You will be ever glad you did.  But more importantly, you will then be on your way into transforming into THE PURE LIGHT you hold at your center.  No matter where you are on the journey, no matter how new or wise you think yourself to be on matters of light, spirit and the heart - I PROMISE YOU THIS:  YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED into something you did not know existed deep inside of you.

And that is THE MAGIC - and THE PROMISE - of PURE LIGHT.  And, too, of Celestiava*Magic.  For ONENESS is our own truest state of being.  And when our lives are lived at that frequency of light . . . ALCHEMY is our every breath.  And beyond!


OUR TREE OF LIGHT SCHOOL holds three pillars.  They are creational wombs of light which direct your attention to the doorways opening inside of you for a certain part of THE PATH OF LIGHT.  These are, simply, outlined for you here:

Here we discover and explore
The magic and power of
You will grow to embrace and live YOUR TRUE INNER GIFTS.  This includes truly understanding the power of the magical wisdom:

       "Can I have fries with that?" 

A playful and powerful truth of light is revealed that you will carry with you forever more, as you come to understand . . . "WHY YOU SHOULD EAT FRENCH FRIES"!  Are you in???


Here you will learn to LIVE as . . .
whose every choice
Is Authentic . . .

You expand to embrace the truest and highest expressions of YOU, while embodying your fullest power.

This will include the wildly popular gift:  "GET NAKED".  You cannot believe how powerful it is, and has quite a legendary following.


And now, here, you will continuously choose
To LIVE your own special, rare and sacred DESTINY OF LIGHT
By embodying YOUR ESSENCE with all of its wisdom, truths, and power.
This is, after all, the path to PURE BLISS.


A Gift that only YOU can give . . . to yourself.






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