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THE KEYS OF LIGHT . . . Await You!

keys of light

The Keys of Light live inside each of us.  They are THE DOORWAYS which open into THE REALM OF ONENESS.  PURE LIGHT.  THE PUREST LOVE.  Existence beyond duality and separation.  THE TRUEST LIFE.

Yet, they are always waiting to be remembered - activated - ignited.  How?  By our soul.   MOST OFTEN, that occurs when a higher frequency - a touch of the light of oneness - moves its invisible hand over our heart.  This Vibration is sacred - potent - infinite - and eternal.  It can come forth in any moment.  It can live beneath the surface in our lives forever, just waiting for that one MAGIC TOUCH to bring it forth into life where we can see and behold it for ourselves.

In this way, our entire destiny of light - one and all - is to RECEIVE THAT TOUCH OF LIGHT.  To be ready for it when it comes.  To await its sacred pivot point in our lives when it is on its way.  And to understand that when it comes - WE CHANGE.  WE TRANSFORM.  WE BECOME . . . more of WHO WE TRULY ARE.

In other words - in truth - you cannot be touched BY THE KEYS OF LIGHT in any way - and not enter a metamorphosis.  You may not understand it, recognize it or even realize you are in it.  BUT YOU ARE.  And life as you have known it . . . just ended.  With a bang.  A VERY BIG BANG!

Despite what we know of another, THAT UNSEEN, SOULFUL TOUCH OF PURE LIGHT comes . . . when we are ready.  And every single creation you find here is given from our heart to yours - as that touch.  OF LIGHT.  OF LOVE.  OF PURE FREQUENCY ENERGIES OF AWAKENING.  OF SACRED ONENESS.

Every creation in our shoppe, every wisdom of our classes, and every truth in our sister websites . . . are all there as A GIFT OF LIGHT.  TO TOUCH YOU - invisibly, potently, powerfully - and . . . irrevocably.  All you have to do is say yes.  Open your heart - allow their blessings and gifts to move through you.

AWAKENING is not hard.  It is soulful.  THE KEYS OF LIGHT are given here, in every page of our shoppe and in every word on our wisdom websites.  The path you take is of your own choosing here . . . but I promise you this . . . YOUR AWAKENING is already blessed and scripted perfectly by your soul.  That's why you're here.  WE have a soul agreement to provide THE GIFT of that SACRED TOUCH.   The one that invites you forward into your own truest beingness.  Your own awakening.  Your own light.


Click on something in our shoppe or on one of our websites . . . and YOUR LIGHT WILL SOAR!  You're on your way.  And we're here to mentor that expansion for you.  In every way your soul requests.  That's why our shoppe is here.  For you.  At the request of your soul.  Use it well, use it wisely . . . but use it soon. The Windows and Doorways into ONENESS are opening wide.  There is a short time to enter its beauty and majesty while holding form.

This is YOUR INVITATION . . . to begin that most sacred process.  As you do - you uncover, reveal, and become - WHO YOU TRULY ARE.  And there is no more sacred gift to receive that that.  SO DO!


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