Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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The Invitation . . .

What began as a soulful and solitary journey
. . . Private - profound - unique - and rare . . .
Is now being offered to the world.

Any Soul, ANY BEING, who wants to explore THE GIFT that is THE WONDER OF LIGHT - TRUE ONENESS and PURE LOVE . . . is invited.

You see, what happened to me was both rare and unique.  It was A GIFT that passed to me because a rare and beautiful soul gave it to me.  Over time, I honored it, grew in its wisdom, and began to live it ever more truly and deeply.  Doing so was PURE ALCHEMY. It changed everything about both ME and THE WORLD AROUND ME.

Today, after deep soul-searching and vast celestial prodding . . . the very same GIFT is being offered to you.

What is LIGHT?  To me, it is PURE LOVE - with no fear.  To me, it is THE SPARK OF SPIRIT which inhabits and enlivens all life.  To me, it is THE CENTER of each expression of life in any dimension.  To me . . . IT IS THE INVISIBLE MATRIX of all of life, no matter the form, no matter the dimension, no matter the name.

Whether you believe in God, Spirit, or even your own soul or essence . . . YOU are a magical and unique strand of this golden web.   And if you want to truly THRIVE and SOAR in the bliss which is your birthright . . . you must be EVER TRUE to that LIGHT WITHIN YOU.  It is the truest, deepest, and most eternal part of you.  AND IT IS THE MOST POWERFUL!

You might like to know, I do not see myself as A TEACHER - though you may see it that way.  And I don't see myself as someone wanting to lead others.  Rather, I see myself as the ordinary and humble recipient of A MOST PRECIOUS AND RARE GIFT.  A Being who was blessed to behold an understanding and living knowledge of something truly rare.  This mind-bending and life-altering JEWEL of THE ESSENCE OF LIGHT. . . became mine.  Now it can be yours!

I COME to share with you THE GIFT that was shared with me.  And in doing so, we have created a very special, very soulful way for you to step into THE REALM OF LIGHT so that you can begin to explore ever more deeply . . . THE TRUEST and DEEPEST KNOWINGS of your innermost, center light being. 

THE Celestiava*Magic CIRCLE OF LIGHT begins here.  Now.  Today.  And our most sparkling offering to you is this:  simply, and quite humbly . . . ME.  Someone to ILLUMINATE THE WAY so that you can step into that which is yours to behold.  That which is your destiny to live.  That which is your soul's deepest knowing and yearning . . . TO EXPRESS.  YOUR DEEPEST and MOST SOULFUL JOY!

Our GIFT is to help you to reveal to yourself . . . that which is YOUR TRUEST, MOST POWERFUL and MOST ANCIENT . . . powers of light.  Why?  BECAUSE this is what YOUR ESSENCE comes to earth to reveal to the conscious you - from within, from the inside out.  It is a sacred thing:  A REVEALING Of THE SOUL.  WE are designed, each of us, to take the journey which will help us to REMEMBER that which we think is not our own:  the most powerful, most eternal, most magical, and most sacred parts of you which we all forget are REAL * TRUE * and . . . OUR OWN!

We begin with THE TREE Of LIGHT SCHOOL, which is simply an online vessel designed to sacredly hold and offer to you THE JOURNEY  of MAGIC and SPIRIT and LIGHT which your soul awaits.  And to do so in a way so that YOU DISCOVER for yourself . . . all that is TRUE OF LIGHT.  We powerfully and magically present to you The Celestial and Inner Gifts of ONENESS . . . in ways you would never imagine could be yours.  The GIFT given to me illuminated this same path, so that I had a sparkling, brightly shining beacon of light before me.  I felt safe.  I felt accompanied.  I felt guided.  I felt truly INVITED to KNOW . . . THE TRUTH OF LIGHT which lived within me.  Sacredly.  Powerfully.  Eternally.

Our TREE Of LIGHT School is . . . A HAVEN.  A Sacred Haven of Light.  A Place where you can enter the deep unknown and the depths of the universe and the eternal and infinite matrix of your own essence of light . . . AND FEEL YOU HAVE DONE SO within A HAVEN OF LIGHT.   A Space unlike any other awaits you here, with us - and YOUR ESSENCE calls.

WE all will take this sojourn - one way or the other.  If you want a friend for the journey - someone who has traversed the veils of light from every direction and experienced the alchemy it holds - continually - from the inside out . . .  then I am here for you.  TO LIGHT THE WAY!

Your Path is your own.  THE TREE of LIGHT SCHOOL comes to ILLUMINATE that most sacred and soulful purpose to our journey . . . TO KNOW the ONENESS of LIGHTWithin each of us.

You are invited . . .



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