Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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The Dance Of Light Begins . . . With You

dance of light

It is when we begin opening our hearts - in simple, profound, and sometimes even whimsical ways - that we expand.  WE SOAR beyond that which was possible, and even sometimes that which was imaginable, a moment before.

We hold our hearts open and we gaze out in wonder through eyes that are somehow - suddenly - MORE.  They see more, they feel more, they recognize more.  What seemed to have been ordinary suddenly transforms before our very eyes and now holds all the potential of new birth.

Our beliefs, our truths, our knowings . . . all expand.  POWERFULLY.  DEEPLY.  COMPELLINGLY.  And we are then off, swirled away onto a dance floor we didn't even realize was there.

That Dance?  HAPPINESS.  BLISS.  AWAKENINGS OF LIGHT which guide us to the very doorstep  of . . . ONENESS.  A sacred place where our heart reveals all it knows, our essence unveils all it truly is - and our mind gets its first glimpse at  TRUE WISDOM, and even its own truest intellectual capacity.

In truth . . . WE SUDDENLY COME ALIVE!  Magically whisked into a higher frequency energy, our vibrations begin to soar, our energetic field begins to rise - and our bodies begin to tingle.  How did we not know?  How did we forget this special Being that we truly are?  How did we fail to remember all that lived inside us since before we came to earth?

It's easy.  Life on earth - density - and duality - lowers the vibration.  That's why it is solid.  And yet, the earth herself is giving us the gift OF HER SACRED HEART.  The energy of all of matter, physical and otherwise, is rising - expanding - becoming more true.  AND MORE LIGHT.

And so, to each and every one of us, each moment begins with a very special invitation:  TO ACCEPT THE DANCE.  To step into . . . THE DANCE OF LIGHT already weaving its miracles and magic all around us.  All we must do - truly - is opt in.  Our soul and essence, OUR WISE HEART, will take it from there.

It's a moment before us all.  What is your answer?

Are YOU ready . . . to enter THIS SACRED DANCE OF LIGHT?  The one that transforms you into ALL YOU TRULY ARE?  A very special Being indeed!  A most magical, most powerful, most loving . . . BEING OF LIGHT.

This is where your soul thrives.  Why live anywhere else?

It's all up to you.  You simply have to choose . . . TO DISCOVER . . . and TO BE . . . THE TRUE YOU.

Let's begin.

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