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The Circle Of Light

Celestiava*Magic is bold. 
It is beyond what humans can think or imagine. 
And it is something truly precious . . .
It is the creation of THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT
Which will sustain and support every soul of LIGHT
On earth and in all dimensions.

You see, OUR CIRCLE OF LIGHT is creating A CENTER OF LIGHT.  This is a space - sacred, divine, and transformative - where the true power and sovereignty of THE SOUL and ESSENCE of each being is not simply ignited, but sacredly mirrored, in a way that allows and encourages THAT LIGHT to birth into its own TRUEST SELF.  Its own TRUEST POWER.  Its own . . . TRUE BLISS.

Our CENTERS OF LIGHT hold three pillars.  And they can all be found right here, ready and waiting for you WHEN YOU ARE READY.  You need not travel, you  need not enroll, you need not ascribe to a certain belief system or affiliation.  It's simply ALL HERE, ready and waiting for you when you are ready to BE YOUR OWN GREATEST GIFT.  To allow THE LIGHT OF YOUR ESSENCE to guide, to teach, to speak . . . through the magical gifts and creations of LIGHT which are here.  Every listing on our shoppe, every page, every thought, and every word . . . is laced with a profound and potent frequency of PURE LIGHT.  Just being present - being here - reading and absorbing, listening and integrating every part of our bold creation here offered to all who find it - changes you.  It opens you.  It expands your heart.  It transforms your mind.  And it allows the soul's truest expression to bubble up from deep inside you.

YOU CANNOT REMAIN UNCHANGED as you move through the pages and places of our shoppe.  And that IS ever the point - to welcome you to THE TRANSFORMATION of LIGHT - PURE LOVE! - which awaits all souls who enter into our sacred realm of light.


The Tree Of Light Schools.

The Garden of Light Wellness Centers.

And a third which is, at this time, hidden and a powerful secret.  A sacred thing which will be revealed, and unveiled, when . . . IT IS TIME.  When YOU . . . are ready.

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