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Awaiting THE AWAKENING of light for your soul is a desperate thing.  If aware, you can feel it all around you - hovering, even lurking, yet holding back for some unknown reason . . . not making its presence fully known.  Seen.  Felt.

And yet, THE AWAITING holds great purpose - and, for some, temptation.  It is here that we oft times take off without the clear and express "YES" from our soul.  We may have received visions, wisdoms  - even dreams - of what lies ahead, and in our human paradigms, we take off.

But - here's the sad truth.  We're not yet ready.  We're jumping the gun.  And - we're incomplete in our understanding of what spirit is revealing, even from . . . within us.  This is why a "spirit led" business may seemingly take off with what seems like a trajectory with a rocket booster beneath its wings - but then suddenly begins to falter as if a ship taking on water.  Which it is.  Formed of human mapping of where to go - and how - and, even for some, why - it eventually must expose the missing links.  And the web which seemed to hold it together so strongly now reveals that what you saw, what you thought you knew, what you did . . . created swiss cheese.  Those gaping holes are the missing elements of light.  And they will sidetrack and derail that which you THOUGHT was soaring simply from the full presence of spirit guiding your path.  Jumping the gun?  Carries a powerful RESET BUTTON.  One we most surely don't WANT to experience - but it IS the only way to return to the path which is truly ours to embrace.

Believe me when I say this, from the bottom of my heart - when all is said and done - you will be glad you let go of the creation YOU were shepherding in that paradigm . . . so that it's truest, most blessed form can then take shape.  It's true - you took a seeming  wrong turn, which you thought was perfection.  Allow it's higher truth and deeper knowing to guide you now - by creating A NEW ALIGNMENT between you, your life, your work, your creations . . . and that most sacred destiny which is your soul's gift.  Starting over?  Oh no.  That's not what this is about.  Rather, this is about LETTING GO and watching as the true and pure creation your soul always intended the energy to form . . . begins to grow.  It won't look like anything you have created thus far.  And it won't follow where you believed you were being led.  IT IS - truly - A WHOLE NEW PATH.  The sooner you take that first step, the sooner your begin revealing your TRUEST, DEEPEST DESTINY . . . to yourself.

The reverse can also be true.  Feeling the waves of light, you are filled to overflowing with inspiration for creations and avenues of life which seem truly to be your path.  They do SEEM to be what you're being shown, guided, and led to do.  And yet . . . they never quite seem to take off.  You put in the time and effort.  You may even follow every "EXPERT" out there who tells you what to do and how and when - the map to follow - to get you there.  Even the very spiritual experts, which you see also as being part of the path.

And yet - the sparks are minimal.  The magic is enormous but . . . it always feels as if you are stuck.  Stuck in quick sand.  Never feeling truly light and free, as if the effortless energy of the unseen realms does all the work for you - and more than you could ever dream of or imagine . . . takes form all on its own.

Here's the thing.  That slow tide?  That barely-perceptible movement or even "progress" forward to where you think you KNOW you are supposed to be?  It's inhibited by something.  AND - that something - is the very same thing missing in the rocket trajectory of success and creation that seems to defy all odds.

THAT SOMETHING is a missing element.  A crucial one.  AND THE CENTER ONE.  That element is . . . THE UNKNOWN.  And - it is THE UNEXPECTED.  What this means is that every time you do something or make a choice based on what would normally or usually be done - you create a hole in the web of light.  Create enough of them and you have weakened or even distorted the initial blueprint of light for the creation - the web on which it lives and breathes.

What happens next?  THE WEB eventually will collapse and dissolve, no longer able to hold itself together - nor, more importantly, to undulate in the cosmic rhythm, like the tides of the ocean itself which brings everything forward in the perfect moment and releases all back out to sea when it is time.

I'm telling you this here, not because I believe you or your path is heading in the wrong direction.  I'm saying this not even because I think you are doing it wrong.  I'm saying this because . . . THAT MOMENT OF RECKONING . . .when it comes, is earth-shattering.  IT IS the ultimate . . . "AWAKENING"!  And it will undo everything you have done to this point - without exception.  And I mean that at every level of your existence - NOT just this one creation - but all of them.  Not just work or a project, but your whole life.  And why?

BECAUSE . . . all the layers of your life are intertwined, yes.  But more than that, they are all a vibrant - and vital - part of . . . THE WHOLE.  When one is based on something other than your purest soul's knowing . . .they all move into interactions with one another that have one purpose - and one alone - to dissolve THE WEB and begin again.  Starting over is not what we think of as success - usually.  Yet, in this circumstance - in the soul's realm - IT IS REBIRTH.

If either of these situations chime in your heart like a bell - you know then, that it is time.  TIME FOR AN UTTER AND COMPLETE REBIRTH.  Of your life.  Of your work.  Of your play.  Of your inner world.  OF ALL OF WHO YOU ARE.

You cannot imagine the energy released when your soul "undoes" the web.  It is pure light - pure creation - pure and boundless freedom.  And it will birth anew who you truly came to be - and what you are here to give the world. 

The Secret is . . . you will have to let go of all you created on that half-seen path.  The one where you moved forward but didn't have all the light, all the truths, all the wisdoms in your foundation before you took that first step.  Learning as you go?  Of course!  But THE BLUEPRINT itself requires . . . your highest light and your truest vibration.  All the way through.

Have you brought that into the mix?  From day one?  If not, then it's time to open your knowing, deepen your wisdom, and let go of the path.  WATCH - I promise you . . . IT IS PURE MAGIC when you do!  And so much more!

* * *
Welcome to A NEW WORLD. 
THE ONE YOUR SOUL and ESSENCE is intending to create. 
Step into our awakenings of light and you cannot miss that moment. 


Nor can you turn back.  Why?  BECAUSE THEY CHANGE you from the very first moment, from that stunning click on our site, gathering into your cart the tool, the gift, the blessing . . . your soul requests.

Are you answering that call?  I urge you to do so.  BECAUSE ONLY THEN will you come face to face with this: YOUR OWN TRUEST LIGHT.  AND YOUR OWN DEEPEST POWER.  And one last thing . . . YOUR OWN MOST BEAUTIFUL DESTINY.

It's time.  Lrt's begin!

Take my hand and we'll begin the journey together.  The Awakening is yours.  The Blueprint lives here, in the sparks of light held in sacred trust - just for each of you - in our shoppe.  WELCOME!

And let's fly!

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