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Star*Dust Schools of Light

StarDust Schools Of Light

What are we -
The Star*Dust Schools of Light?


WE are a magical space, created to both GIVE and ILLUMINATE very powerful truths, abilities, and wisdom to every soul on earth choosing now to awaken into . . . THE LIGHT OF ONENESS.

In this beautiful, sacred space, you will leave learning in the human ways behind.  Here, you embrace THE GIFTS and ABILITIES your soul has carried for all of time - just awaiting you - to be ready.  To say yes.  To dedicate yourself to . . . BEING TRUE.

And, here, WE uncover all the precious, powerful, magical abilities held within THE HEART OF ONENESS.

What is oneness?  It is the connecting spark between all of life, all of creation, all of the past, present and future potentialities and possibilities of every form.  It is the space where we are all - quite literally - ONE.  ONE LIGHT.

And, it is the space - and the only space - where your own truest soul gifts can come forth from, where your own best and truest life can be created within, and it is where we all find and meet OUR DEEPEST DESTINY.

Finding that space is not as hard as you might think.  Living in that vibrational frequency takes adjustment and new understanding - for your form, for your mind, for your life force.  YET - it is the single most important thing any one of us will ever, ever do.

It CREATES life as you have never seen it, it HOLDS magic and inner power as you have never witnessed, and it MANIFESTS that which your ESSENCE most deeply came to earth to do/be/create . . . in ways that defy our human perspective.

If you are ready . . .to learn to hold your sacred spiritual inner gifts in harmony with your form . . . if you are ready to truly SOAR into all the magic and presence and power the invisible realms are holding in sacred trust just for you . . . if you are here now on earth to AWAKEN INTO a very special light and vibration of life - JOIN US.

The Star*Dust Schools of Light have been nearly 21 years in the making.  They are a place where the magic and mystery, the majesty and grace, the power and purpose of YOUR ESSENCE . . . is unveiled and unleashed.  And here, you are escorted and guided into ONENESS in such a way that you need never wonder if you have what it takes - we'll be right there with you, guiding and illuminating that which remains murky or uncertain on your path.

It is our hope, and our deep, burning desire . . . that THE STAR*DUST SCHOOLS OF LIGHT will one day be offered to the world - for free.  So that every soul yearning to awaken into ONENESS will have the magical tools and a sacred soul space of sanctuary and wisdom . . . within which to birth THAT SOUL'S MAGIC and TRUE LIGHT.

How to nurture that yearning of mine . . . that these blessed, rare, and soulful teachings about THE EXPANSION into THE HIGHEST LIGHT FORMS OF LIFE be able to be given to the world for free?  I don't actually know.  I don't know how it will happen, it is a mystery held within the deep unknown.  But that is how THE SOUL'S LIGHT WORKS.  And that is ultimately where ONENESS - and ITS GIFTS - truly thrive.

So they're coming:  THE STAR*DUST SCHOOLS OF LIGHT.  I'm creating them.  How will they be able to be gifted to the world for free - for every soul of every kind who chooses to expand into THE ONENESS OF LIGHT - into their true essence?  I do not know.

But we have begun the creation, here, now.  It is birthing.  Through me.

What magic awaits . . . ?!   I cannot wait TO SEE.
Blessings and Love,
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