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Well, this is interesting.

Long ago, when I was very sick, wisdoms came to me.  Wholly formed, dropping down into my heart as if on angel's wings.  I didn't CRAFT them into form, and I did not STRIVE to write them.  They . . .  just came.

I saved them.  Not knowing what they were.  What to do with them.  Who they might be for.  I loved them, cherished them, and kept them safe.  That was enough.

Then one night, not very long ago, I was searching my voluminous saved gifts from spirit and my soul . . . and there sat some, already saved, in a digital download form.  Who knew?

Hundreds, ok let's be honest, thousands - yes, quite literally! - sit on my desk, just biding their time, and waiting to be transformed into a more reader-friendly, digital form - something beyond the plain and simple document they already are.  But these, I just discovered today, have been ready and waiting, patiently biding their time.

Some are heavy with images and sacredly created digital art.  Some are held by the page in a simple format which allows you to  bask in the words, as they move through your heart.  Angels wings appear, as if out of the blue, and whisper as you read . . . is this true?  Is this you?

Each one is different, and each is RAW.  Not fashioned for media, they are simply created .  . . by the heart.  Enjoy if one beckons to you, I promise your life may just be changed.  The simplest creations sometimes hold the most powerful force - of Love, of Life, of Truth.

In this marketing-blitzed world we live in, these are something beyond all that.  They are pure - they are simple - and they are born of the heart.  They're not tweaked nor fashioned to get you to dive in, and their gifts to you will be soulful . . . like those given for the deepest and most cherished of friends.

I hope you enjoy these soulful creations.  They bathed my own life in a beautiful, potent light . . .when all around me seemed to be stormy or dark.  Believe me when I say, they only touch the surface.  Each is the first in a series, a much deeper and more powerful revealing.  Yet, as is the way of the heart - the simplest of presentations can often convey exactly all that you need . . . at the start.

Our books are digital deliveries of our gifts of the heart.  They are organic, simple and true.  Beautiful and inspiring, transformational and rare.  If that is something you seek . . . then you will indeed be deeply BLESSED.  For their presence changes something inside you, when you greet them and read them with an open heart.

I hope you find them as wondrous as I did.  I'd forgotten I had them, and then poof, they were found again.  Revealed . . . as if by magic . . . though my mind had long ago forgotten their presence.  Which is the way of love, truth be told . . . if we just give it a chance.

And the story begins . . .join us, if you feel one calling to you!

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