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Seeing . . . LIGHT

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When I began my  own awakening, it had been quietly happening beneath the surface of my life for quite some time.  Events unfolding in my life held far more meaning and purpose than I then, at that time, could fathom.  What seemed ordinary . . . was anything but.  What seemed normal life . . . masked something far more potent and profound.  And what seemed to be life as I thought I was creating it . . . was actually the foundation for something far different yet to come.

It is here, in the halls of AN ORDINARY GIRL in AN ORDINARY LIFE . . . that the unthinkable, the unrecognizable, and the unbelievable was born.  Without my conscious intent, without my human knowing, and without something else - without my understanding.

So while I was living the life we all think is ours - education, marriage, career, family - I was actually, unknowingly, creating the vortex which would swirl through at the unexpected moment, and invite in something far more.

A new life is born before we even recognize its presence or sense it is even there.  And a new us - THE TRUE US - is in the wings, unfolding petal after petal of a bloom we are not even aware of . . . waiting until the perfect moment comes, calling it forth.

THIS - TODAY - is that moment.  One and all, each of us is here to make that choice.  Right now.  Every thought matters and every choice counts.  And every breath we take right now, believe it or not . . . IS . . . that choice.

Our Soul and Essence is responding to the higher vibrational frequencies gifted to the earth now.  THE EARTH herself is rising in frequency, which means . . . she, too, is transforming.  All of life here is following her lead.  And our own unique and rare, individual gifts of light can only be revealed and given to the world . . . if we, ourselves, transform to meet them.

This Shoppe, and all of my sites, are about illuminating, encouraging, and mentoring THAT VERY SACRED TRANSFORMATION - for you.  Very few beings on earth complete that journey, revealing the magic and wonder - and power! - of ONENESS.  I have.  And, living that, allows me to share my life with those who choose to expand now in very soulful ways.

We all have a calling.  WE ALL are here to live as light.  And each of us - now - is on the path which will create that.  THE QUESTION - THE ONLY QUESTION - which remains is this . . . will we do that while holding form, or will we release our bodies so that we may transform?

Every single creation offered here was born to accompany you on this very sacred and soulful journey.  THE ONE WHERE YOU BECOME WHO YOU . . . TRULY ARE.  Understanding the frequencies of light, the power of love, and the intricacies of how life truly works now . . . is the foundation which creates within you the stability and strength and wisdom - TO LIVE YOUR TRUEST LIFE.

The time is now.  ARE YOU IN???


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