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Pricing and Shipping and Magic!

Our Creations are all inspired by beauty, love and light.

They are also completely guided by Spirit, my soul, and the unseen realms.  In this way, they embody the highest energies, frequencies and vibrations of Light - which creates the energy and light you feel in them when you look at their image, or hold one in your hand.

In creating this way, I am bound - and blessed - to always LISTEN TO and HONOR the creation itself, from beginning to end, and everywhere in between.  This ensures that by the time the item is chosen by you, and comes to your home or the special person it is for, that it embodies all the energy and magic which is THE GIFT IT CARRIES for them.

In this way, we follow the principles of SACRED COMMERCE.  Not something often realized, I thought I would explain it here, so you can know the foundation on which our beautiful creations go out into their world.

EACH CREATION sets its own price.  YES - it's true.  Forget focus groups, marketing gurus, and supply and demand.  Those concepts are not a part of our creations.  Rather, we follow the energy of the GIFTS THE CREATION HOLDS - and it is priced according to its purpose, its intended recipient, and the gifts it carries.


Sometimes the creation which took years to create, is sold for almost nothing. 

Sometimes, the ones that are the easiest and fastest carry a higher price.

Here, in our shop, it is all about THE ENERGY.  Prices are set by the creation and are, in their heart, a vibrational - think "ENERGY" - component of the creation.  Pricing in this way keeps the creation in pure alignment with its truest, original, intended purposes.  And allows it to arrive to you or its intended recipient in the state of highest light.

Sometimes the smallest items are the most potent.  The WEE fairy nests take a lot time to prepare their wool.  And the fairies often birth entire stories along with their forms.  Each is a gift of love and a work of the heart. 

But most importantly, EACH is A GIFT OF SPIRIIT.

So we honor the prices they request - knowing - it is truly perfect.

Shipping follows a similar path.  Our creations are packaged tenderly and carefully, so that the journey they take to you does nothing to impact or disturb them.  Not just the physical item you receive, but also their ENERGY.  And there's one more thing.  WE don't hurry to fly them out the door to you.  No, we give them the space to choose their time of departure and arrival, and to leave here when they are ready.  Most leave within 3 days, but if they take longer, not to worry.  TIMING is a critical element of any gift.  Be assured - they are coming to you - and will arrive at the perfect moment.  WE PROMISE YOU!
These choices are, for us, and perhaps even for you, the WAY of SACRED COMMERCE. 
Our work is to create these magical, powerful items of the heart.  And we honor them by always listening - and following their guidance - for all parts of the journey.  Including pricing and shipping.
If you're drawn to our magical, spirit-filled creations, we are sure you understand the energies, vibrations and frequencies of creation.  COMMERCE is not something held outside of these.  Rather, it works best when held at the heart of them.
 And that is OUR WAY!
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