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Want to
Take a PEEK
Into our very magical
.  .   .  STUDIO OF LIGHT?

Our Creations take so many different forms, that "MY WORK" - or "MY PLAY"! - as I think of it, has sprawled itself throughout our space.  I have a large studio for painting and creating the essences and all my computer work for the digital cards and books.  And then I have another space where I create the video classes and readings and connections.  And finally I have a third space - which was the very first to be created - which is called THE FAIRY TREE ROOM.  This is where our precious, sweet fairies and nests birth and come into form.

It's a wild and wooly (quite literally, lol!) - very EXPANSIVE - place of work.  Something new is always birthing here, and actually, we do not follow a schedule - nor even TRY to finish something.
And NOTHING will get in its way
When the moment has come
For it to be born.

Life is funny that way.  We tend to script and schedule and plan our lives.  But when we totally and completely - and joyfully! - let go of the wheel . . . something marvelous happens.  WE create things that take our breath away - because we had no intention of making it.  WE see something take form before our very eyes, held in our own hands, and have no idea how that happened.

It's a magical space, OUR STUDIO OF LIGHT. 
We often work 24/7 . . . simply because we're having so much fun. 

Here are some pictures to give you a little taste of the place where all this magic takes form.  Only 3 people besides my family have ever entered its gateway.  Consider yourselves lucky.  My studio is quite the talk of the neighborhood where I live. 

Shrouded in mystery, only one other soul in our neighborhood having ever set foot in its shimmering halls, the lights often burning through the night . . . oh, yes, the myths and legends abound.  Whatever does she do in there?  And why does it take all night?!?!?!  And what are all those trees doing INSIDE her house? 

Sometimes . . . you just have to smile that knowing little smile. 
Some things are best unspoken. 
But you,
My sweet customers,are granted a peek! 
Shhhhhh!  Don't tell.

:- )


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