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OUR MAGICAL FAIRIES - The Myth, The Magic, The Mystery!

The most astounding thing about these fairies is how they came to be.

These fairies are NOT human versions of a fairy. These are the forms THE FAIRIES themselves have chosen - and inspired.  And, well, sometimes - DICTATED. I don't choose the colors, I don't choose any part of it. All I do is surrender to THEIR LIGHT, and allow them to create Themselves.  In this way, they set their own price, as all my creations do, which you surely know by now. :- ) But, more importantly, they dictate everything about their creation, start to finish.
And about those pictures?!?!
Taking a picture of a fairy is a SACRED THING. You don't do it when you want to, or think it should be done, and you CERTAINLY don't do it in a way designed to meet modern marketing. Noooooo.  Taking pictures of fairies are as precious a thing as pictures of babies. You can learn more about that on our site, BABIES OF LIGHT.
But, for fairies, and soulful products of LIGHT, a picture is only taken when an INVITATION has been issued. By the fairy herself.  So our pictures are taken only AT THE REQUEST . . . of the fairy.  And when we let that be the guiding force, they show us some very special MAGIC. They choose the where, the when, the how.  Believe me when I say, it is never EVER, what you would choose, or what any 'normal' person would think.
YET - here, it  brings in a beautiful Light and Magic all its own.
Sometimes you will see my fingers, because let me tell you this - getting a fairy as Ethereal as these are created to be . . . TO BE STILL! . . .os a miracle.:- )  Moreover, these Fairy Images encapture the blueprint and light field of a very magical creation. WE approach this as sacredly as you might a cathedral which inspires in you awe, and breathless wonder.   Commerce isn't usually about such things. BUT WE MOST CERTAINLY ARE!
Let me tell you something about these very special fairies.
As we've spoken of, they are not human renderings of a fairy. They are something the fairies themselves have chosen, and inspired as their own. And I honor them - and their wishes - always.  They are so ethereal that you can nearly blow them apart with a big breath. Yet, they are stronger and more "HELD TOGETHER" than most forms of the material realm we see that are far more dense. That is part of the miracle, and the magic, of their beautiful, wondrous forms.
These are fun and inspiring, but more than anything,
And I mean that in the most literal sense. If you select and purchase one of our beautiful fairies, smitten in love, as they tend to make us, you and I :- ), we will be happy and thrilled. But our next step, and you are being made aware of that here . . . IS THIS:  
No  sale will be concluded, of anything in our shop, but especially THE FAIRIES!, unless and until that CREATION has chosen to come to you, to be yours.  Why?  Isn't the driving force of commerce SALES? Well, maybe, but in our life, the driving force is LOVE.    AND MAGIC.
These creations are sacred and soulful. And the excitement and joy we feel when you choose one, is overwhelming - and beyond words to articulate.  YET, these are sovereign, sacred creations. With a divine purpose and a sacred gift to give and fulfill. And the absolute perfection of the universe - not to mention its MAGIC - comes when we all move in harmony with that.
If the fairy you have chosen
She may magically inspire a new fairy to come into being - JUST FOR YOU!
Or she may let you know that . . . if you wait, an even more BEAUTIFUL CHOICE OF A FAIRY will come and capture your heart. Our fairies, and truly all our creations, have final say. 
And we will promptly refund your payment, if that turns out to be the case.  In the future, we will have a reservation option, but for now . . . choosing works best.
Because there is magic imbedded here in our very special approach to sales.
The Fairy You Choose will scan your heart, or that of the person you may be intending to gift her to . .  . and she will KNOW if her gifts to give match the highest love for you. 

  And if not, then she most certainly will bring something forth - that is an even greater gift - that will take form for you.  So if you play along with the fairies, you often find they are wiser than most of us.


Have you noticed my fairies - at first - don't seem to have faces?
That's because I don't actually create their faces. Rather, the process itself helps their face TO TAKE FORM - as the swirls of light and wool create a beautiful, magical song.  If you look closely -  peer deeply - you will see their tiny fairy faces peeking out of the wool.
And the real magic is this:
THEIR FACES grow deeper and stronger and truer, AS they move into their new homes. So be sure . . .  to watch them.They appear - literally - before your very eyes. As if by MAGIC!  Which of course, it is. For they are!
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