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Our Magical Class Design/Options

 Most of our classes

Are year-long explorations,

Stunning adventures and deep discoveries


They are designed to give you extraordinary wisdoms, and access to frequencies of Light . . . that change us - and our lives - into creations of deep alignment and soulful wonder.  These Classes INSPIRE * TRANSFORM * and ask us to AWAKEN our truest, deepest selves.

As such, they are designed to go deep and reach wide.  Their breadth and depth is amazing, and the gifts they hold are . . . STUNNING. 

Our classes always flow at the pace of spirit, guided always by THE HEART OF ONENESS.  The creations for the class are delivered to you at that pace - exactly as spirit creates them, in their perfection, to come to you.  YET, you then go at your own pace.  You access, read, watch, explore, and delve into what is given . . . as you are led to.  AT YOUR SPIRIT's guidance and knowing. Thus - the class - in every way . . . flows to you in utmost perfection.  You will not be held back - nor pushed.  The class is given at the perfect pace, your soul then chooses how you best unwrap that gift for yourself!  It's perfect - priceless - magical . . . PERFECTION! :- )

Most of our annual classes allow for the option to choose quarterly payments, if that feels best to you.  There are small, one-week breaks between quarters to allow for Reflection, Contemplation, and processing quarterly payments for you if you choose that option.

Believe me when I say, each one of these inspired, soulful class creations . . . comes to give you a precious and very rare gift.  I know you will be more than pleased.  You will leave the class CHANGED - in the best of ways.

Come join us if you are ready

To truly IGNITE your own Inner Light. 



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