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It is here. That thing we are so often drawn to, inexplicably. That space where we FIND WHAT WE TRULY SEEK, sometimes even before we knew we were searching.

Deep Magic refers to the space where we really ALLOW all that is inside of us to truly be SEEN * KNOWN * BEHELD. It is the wondrous place where Our Soul or Essence leads, our heart co-creates with the soul, and our mind expands into ever-more-true Knowings.

Of ourselves. Of the world we live in. And of Light and The Unseen Realms.

Deep Magic is the place where we all ARE ONE.

It is also the place where NOTHING is hidden.

All can be seen - found - embraced.

While working on this site, our shop, it occurred to me how many people truly do not feel THE LEVEL OF JOY I felt while creating this space. Working on this big of a "JOB", with seeming deadlines and no one to help, well . . . it could seem overwhelming. Even perhaps impossible in certain situations, like my own.

Yet, not only did it happen - IT WAS PURE BLISS. And I marveled at how something I never thought I WOULD DO, never had the inkling I WOULD WANT TO DO, never ever imagined I COULD DO . . . had transformed my life. It took a while.

Letting Go was, shall we say, A WORK IN PROCESS. Two steps forward, one step back.

Yet, the proof is in the pudding. My Life is wholly different - as am I - than ever before. And MY WORK is actually, really, truly - MY PLAY. My soul's play, my heart's play, my essence experiencing TRUE JOY.

How many of us can ever truly actually say that. It's a rare thing. Rarer still for the details of that shimmering path to be as awe-inspiring and as joy-inducing as the thought or idea or the outcome of it.

Yes, this is MAGIC.

But of the DEEPEST kind.

I say deep - because it lies there within you already - just awaiting . . . YOU. Your discovery - your presence - your courage. It is just hidden in the depths, the very CENTER of your Being. Of your LIGHT.

But I also say DEEP because it takes us somewhere we've never ever been before. Some place, truth be told, if asked - we'd likely say no, no thank you, I don't want to go.

Yet - you see - we truly do. WE WANT to know that deepest, truest part of ourselves - WHO WE TRULY ARE - as the only YOU we know. WE want to let that hidden jewel and gem rise up from within us, and be embraced, and not just that - but be CELEBRATED.

This is that space. Where the DEEPEST LIGHT WITHIN US, EACH AND EVERY ONE, is discovered, honored.   And something more. Given Free Reign as we celebrate . . . its emergence.

Come. You'll see.

This changes everything.

Just say . . . YES !

Our DEEP MAGIC is the space where our gatherings, our teachings, our wondrous wisdoms of light we've unveiled and revealed to ourselves - through the process of LIGHT - are shared with those who are ready for METAMORPHOSIS.

Ready to really soar into the power of their Essence, and to grasp the depths of their heart. Our Deep Magic? Pure and simple - it is the art of ONENESS. The natural state of being, pure light, that every spark of life comes from.

It is enchanting and perplexing, it is powerful and tender. It is the magic of the deep mystery of spirit and the majesty of the secrets of life as LIGHT - as who we all truly are.

It's here.

Ready and waiting for you.

I promised when I first began this powerful AWAKENING . . . that, once stable in these frequencies, I would share my life. This is me completing that promise. THE AWAKENING comes to each of us at the perfect time and in the perfect way. The difficult thing is this: we so very often do not recognize it for what it is. We fail to see its power and its promise - we see the event wrapped around it as tragedy or illness or sensitivity or demise. But it is, truly, none of those. It is birth. Of the most soulful kind.

If you're ready for clarity or searching for a deeper perspective, our path has bestowed on us many gifts - of wisdom, understanding, perception. And a fearless ability TO FIND THE LIGHT in every moment. And that one thing creates miracles. And changes life in its very core matrix of being.

Life is, then, truly - never the same.

If it is time for you to enter, or continue, that process of TRANSFORMATION yourself - welcome. The Gifts given to us through our own journey are now, for the first time, being shared with - and offered to - the world. The links below will take you there.

Blessed Be!




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