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Our Approach To Selling Soul*ful Creations

Obviously, our SHOP is based on different principles than most.
We believe in MAGIC, yes. 
And we believe in LOVE, true. 

But the differences go much deeper than that.

We're not here to HYPE our products, to hope to ENSNARE you to buy something you don't TRULY need or want.  We have a very different approach.  Rather than "selling" in the usual way, our path taken is intentionally different. 

We have created our shop with a single purpose: 

To create a light-filled, happy, and beautiful place. 

A space where you are free to browse at your own pace, to be drawn deeply into the story of a creation as if it is a fairy tale - IN A WORD, we believe in ENCHANTMENT. 

And our shop is here To Enchant You.

We write about our creations in a way that we hope allows you to get lost for a short while, a few moments outside of time.  WE hope you just might find your heart aflutter and the dawning of the feeling of being ENCHANTED as you move through our space here and get lost in our creations.

WE ourselves are ENCHANTED by these creations.  And we share them here, when they are ready - out of joy.  WE weave wisdoms and poetry and stories and beauty into every listing.  And it is our deep intent that you be blessed, inside your heart, deeply and profoundly - each time you come and visit.

THIS is our approach.  THIS is our way.  THIS is sacred commerce.  And it is something else, too.
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