Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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ON THE BRINK . . . Of Light

If you have discovered Celestiava*Magic . . . you are rare.  Beautiful.  Filled with soulful magic.  Whether you know this about yourself, or not, finding yourself here, among the pages of our shoppe is a MAGICAL and POWERFUL MOMENT.  It means, you see, that YOUR SOUL is ready.  And YOUR ESSENCE has brought you here for something very special, very important, and very powerful.

Simply put . . . IT IS TIME.

Time for you to awaken more truly into more of who you really areTIME for you to open your heart to discover a whole new realm of life  just waiting to be acknowledged, living within youTIME for you to see and to know . . . the depths of your own heart, your own power, and perhaps more importantly . . . YOUR OWN TRUEST INNER GIFTS and THE LIFE THEY HOPE TO BRING TO YOU.

We are delighted beyond words that you have landed on this page!  It means that GREAT MAGIC and WONDERFUL TRANSFORMATION await you here.  It beckons, no matter the path or the life you have held to this point.  It is ready to be revealed, and to rise up and take form, from the pools of light deep within Your Being.  Are you ready?  YOUR SOUL has said yes.  That is why you have come.  That is . . . THE ONLY REASON . . . you are here.

How to begin?  No matter how open, aware, or even spiritually adept you see yourself to be, YOU are invited to begin here . . . at "THE PRELUDE".  This is a section offered to anyone considering THE AWAKENINGS of SOULFUL LIGHT which Celestiava*Magic holds in sacred trust.  These Gifts are created for all beings who wish to expand into their truest expressions of light - deeper love, more powerful knowings, and their own soulful gifts of light.



We recommend that you see this time for what it is:  A MOMENT of EPIC PROPORTIONS.  A Time to clarify your inner landscape so that a truer alignment by your conscious self can be invited forward from within you.  SEE this MOMENT as a sacred wonder of light - the beginning to something unyieldingly magical, filled with hope - and promise - and wild revealings about YOUR OWN INNER GIFTS and ABILITIES. 

Honor your time in this space, here at the beginning, seeing it as SACRED GROUND Allow yourself to take the time to gently read and explore, absorb and contemplate . . . the words and ethereal energies of the pages included in "THE PRELUDE".  Rather than hurry past, let the embedded frequencies and energies of light - in the words, in the images, in the messages, in the wisdoms - lay a foundation of PURE  LIGHT deep within you, to support this most magical of journeys you are about to begin.

"THE PRELUDE" is here to open and awaken hidden, silent forms of light - of wisdom - within you.  Taking your time here to honor that process ensures that you have awakened all that can serve and support you as YOU begin this most wondrous journey of expansion into the inner realms of light waiting within you.

After spending your time here, reading, absorbing and contemplating THE GIFTS created here for you . . . then you are ready.  Ready for what?

TO CROSS THE THRESHOLD into the most magical journey of light you will ever take.  It is A HOMECOMING, really.  A COMING HOME to all the hidden wisdom and power and magic of LIGHT . . . which ever lives inside of you.

If you are ready . . . "THE PRELUDE" awaits.

And then . . . THERE IS MORE!

When you complete your discovery of  "THE PRELUDE", you can begin YOUR OWN STORY OF LIGHT by moving through "THE SEEKER" doorway next.  This sacred space holds our soulful creations designed to LIFT THE VEILS WITHIN YOU as you remember that which you may have forgotten . . . YOUR OWN DEEPEST and TRUEST LIGHT.

It is our deep and humble honor - our soul's privilege - to offer these CREATIONS to spark your journey forward.  "THE SEEKER" begins with a magical introduction which will then lead you first to . . . "THE TREE OF LIGHT" - a sacred branch which will be your first real immersion into the classes, offerings, and gifts of light for those who seek to LIVE AS PURE LIGHT. 

"THE TREE OF LIGHT" creation offers THE SEEDS OF LIGHT which will become THE ROOTS for your own powerful, individual, and rare journey within.  A TRANSFORMATION OF LIGHT awaits you - it offers beauty and grace, peace and magic, love and bliss.  YOUR ESSENCE awaits you here . . . as you begin THE LIFE YOU TRULY CAME TO LIVE!

We are excited you have found your way here.  IT IS TIME.  Let's begin!

TRANSFORMATION . . . and BIRTH . . . AWAIT ! ! !


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