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Moon*Beam Sacred Essences

Our Moon*Beam Essences
Pure Magic!
They are inspired by the invisible realms,
Co-created with magical energies and beings,
And infused with the highest energies of Light and Love.
Their formulas are more Light than Matter, but potent beyond belief.
They travel through our energy field, showering our matrix of light
With a blessing and a harmonic rarely experienced on earth.
Less is more.
We do not recommend you take them internally,
Though if you are so guided, of course, please do.
Rather, they are a potent energy force which you welcome into your life.
Nothing will be untouched.  All will transform.
Most of all . . . YOU!
The formulas are A Secret. Quite The Sacred Thing.
But the essences themselves are being shared with the world now, in a very limited way.
If you're drawn to them,I can only say this:
In some very new and exciting - and exceptionally potent - ways.
Each one is different, a unique flavor of Light and Love and Magic.
A Pulsation of Light, captured and lovingly tended at its own Invitation,
Into a bottle chosen just for you -
We have several sacred bottles available, and some are ever quite enchanting.
A few of these are revealed in the picture where our ESSENCES are listed.
But in truth, most of the essences we ship do seem to choose
The deep blue or mermaid emerald green vials, our tiniest,
For their sacred journey to you.
Oh, don't be disappointed :- ).
The most potent things often come in the SMALLEST PACKAGES.
And that is why an essence may choose our smallest bottles, which are the vials.
What you are receiving is potent - a little goes a very long way!
And, happily, the vials can be carried with you or transported
And the precious elixir within it will remain secure.
Here are some pictures of the vials,
And a couple of our other bottles.
Just  Know This . . . 
Chooses the perfect bottle for you.
Based on its purpose, your life, and the energies it  brings.
So TRUST!  I ever do!
:- )
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