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Magical Essences & Potions

sacred essences

Our very special essences, elixirs and potions . . . created themselves!  They moved me, inspired me, and - truth be told - persuaded me . . . to help them take form.

The first one came innocently enough years and years ago.  Then another.  Then . . . there was a flood.  As if some inner - or perhaps celestial - frozen lake of divine light had suddenly begun melting . . . and my life took a most decided curve.

They asked of me my trust - I gave them my life.  They asked of me my faith - I gave them all of my heart.  They asked of me some wisdom held hidden in the quiet depths of my soul - I gave them its whispers.

And they came.  And came  And came  . . !

MAGIC is born not when we invoke it or summon it - but, rather, when we surrender.  To its majesty, to its knowing, to its wisdom and ability to transport us into the depths of spirit.  These potions are the sparkling result of just that journey.

I hope you are as touched by their presence, their power, and their stunning knowing of the spiritual power of light . . . as I am.  THEY TRANSFORM.  It's what they do.  And now they can be yours!

Let me tell you this.  There is no more holy or sacred creation.  And I mean that.  These are that good - that powerful - that TRUE TO SPIRIT.  They are metamorphosis in a bottle.  And then some!

Just be ready.  For their power and gift is unmistakable.  And non-negotiable.  Somehow . . . the soul of a being simply flowers and blossoms in their presence.  That Being . . . can be you!  They work from the inside out - as is true of all soulful and loving things.  And these are ever that!  INDEED!

Just choose a collection from the drop down menu to begin discovering ALL THE MAGIC and WONDER which the celestial frequencies of Light hold.  I'm just enchanted by these creations!  I know you will be as well! 


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