Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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It is beyond our human concepts to truly understand . . . THE LIGHT of ONENESS.  THE LIGHT . . . that we are . . . seems foreign, hidden far away, in some unreachable cavern of our being.

And yet . . . it is both OUR PURPOSE and OUR DESTINY . . . each and every one - TO LIFT THE VEIL.  TO SEE both beyond and deeply into . . . THE LIGHT at the very center of OUR BEING.

OUR ESSENCE awaits us to take that sacred journey.  And SHE beckons to us - not from afar - but from deep within.

LIFTING THE VEIL is the passageway through which we ourselves reveal our own greatest power - our own truest love - our own highest expression of light.  And without that . . . life itself is only a distant echo . . . of what we came to create it to be.  Both for ourselves - and the world.

THE JOURNEY LIES WITHIN.  Are you ready?  You may begin here, in this SACRED CONSTELLATION OF LIGHT.  Celestiava*Magic is just that - A SACRED, CELESTIAL CONSTELLATION - a circle of light.  Begin at any place - and it will lead you on an illumined journey into THE HEART OF ONENESS.  Of YOU.  Of . . . PURE LIGHT.

Why wait ? ? ?

YOUR HEART and YOUR ESSENCE ache for this unfolding, this expansion, this sojourn of light.  They await only . . . YOU.  The Conscious YOU to bear witness to that which wishes to be known . . . from deep within THE LIGHT OF YOU.

Begin here.  Now.  Today.  The journey can only end in one way . . . PURE BLISS!







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