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Introduction To Oneness . . . And Awakenings Of Light

introduction to oneness and awakenings of light

It is when we begin to hear the call of spirit, of our essence, of our soul . . . that a most magical journey begins.  Where it ends is, of course, up to you - but its intended destination is the revealing to yourself of . . . WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

To move into oneness requires a shift of our human life and thought forms into a higher matrix of living.  It is not hard.  It is not even mysterious, at the beginning.  It is simply unfamiliar to most in our current world.  Yet, this space lives inside us for all of eternity, and is as ancient as life itself.  It awaits only us . . . to reveal its wonder, its majesty, and its mystery.  Its power is your birthright.  Something you have carried within you for all of time.

When we begin feeling the pitter*patter of our highest self stirring within us, our lives move to welcome the coming moment.  It is, for all of us, a magical and intentional introduction to the world of pure light - ONENESS.  Why?  Why does it happen even though we don't consciously seem to ask or invite it or even be aware of its presence?

Because.  This is where OUR HIGHEST SELF lives.  And - this is where we all are destined to find and to reveal our highest gifts of light.  For ourselves.  And for the world.  It's a magical place, I can tell you that.

Our shoppe, and each one of our sites, is dedicated simply and only to . . . ONENESS.  And so, every creation and every wisdom given, holds within it the intention to carry A PURE SPARK OF LIGHT which will touch your heart in a very sacred way.  It allows you to feel THE INVISIBLE TOUCH of the hand of spirit and your essence moving you closer to this magical and deeper time before humanity.  YOU have a role to play.  YOU have a gift to give.  And we are dedicated - and devoted! - to creating and presenting every single gift that can help you as you take that journey of transformation.

Our classes are . . . AWAKENINGS OF LIGHT.  Our sacred essences hold . . . AWAKENINGS OF LIGHT.  Our connections ignite . . . AWAKENINGS OF LIGHT.  It is what we do - it is who we are - it is how we live.  ONENESS is not some realm that exists beyond your own.  It is a truth of inner being that you either confirm - or deny - in your every choice of life.

We have created an entire treasure trove for THE AWAKENING SPIRIT in us all.  Higher vibrational energies and higher frequencies of light are enveloping us all now.  Our choice is simply to embrace and engage them as they spark us to open to our truest selves . . . or to continue to slumber.  Slumbering brings its own awakening, to be sure.  It's just not one you see coming.

For those who wish to discover the magic and melody of happiness which LIVING AS WHO YOU TRULY ARE brings . . . our AWAKENINGS OF LIGHT classes are our gift to you.  You cannot begin that journey and remain unchanged.  More importantly, even if you've been expanding for some time . . . new frequencies are gifted here which change everything you think you know about spirit.  And love.


WE ARE!  Below you will find a list of expansions - of thought, word, and deed - to begin your own discovery of ONENESS.  And our magical classes come in four families which . . . are as enchanting as anything you have yet found.

Come - explore!  And follow wherever your heart leads.  It's all here.  Every single thing you need . . . to OPEN to ONENESS.  And welcome your truest, most blessed, most sacred life.  Why wait?




wings of light classes for ethereal souls

WINGS OF LIGHT CLASSES for ethereal souls


Awakenings Come In Mysterious Ways

AWAKENINGS COME . . . In Mysterious Ways


Awakenings Of Light . . . The Path Of Oneness

Awakenings Of Light . . . THE PATH OF ONENESS


Awakenings Of Light

Awakenings . . . OF LIGHT


The Sanctuary Of Light - Created Just For You

The Sanctuary Of Light . . . CREATED JUST FOR YOU


What Began As A Spark Of Light


Seeing . . . LIGHT

Seeing . . . LIGHT


Hearts Of Magic



The Dance Of Light Begins . . . With You

The Dance Of Light Begins . . . WITH YOU


I Come Alive



The Keys Of Light Await You!

THE KEYS OF LIGHT . . . Await You !




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