Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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sacred movement come alive

I have to ask you something.  Do you feel . . . TRULY ALIVE?

I do.  I feel this most magical, most powerful, most inexplicable FLOW OF LIGHT moving through me like a river - 24/7.  Its energy sustains me, its power elevates my life, and - most precious of all - its sparkling light touches the darkest places around me.  I cannot HELP but feel . . . INSPIRED.  CHERISHED.  LOVED.

As my journey into ONENESS has transformed me, I now feel FULLY and TRULY ALIVE!  The highest energies of creation and The Universe Of Pure Light itself now flow through me, allowed to take presence without restraint.  My soul itself invites increasing frequencies to me.  And it magnetically beckons those precious, potent energies - THE HIGHEST FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT . . . PURE LOVE - into their truest alignment.  Both within and all around me.

I AM BORN.  Anew.  In some truly - wildly - creative ways.  My body feels both its power and its wisdom in new and ever-expanding, and even mind-defying, ways.  My heart soars on wings I never knew it had.  And my life?  Well, that is just one huge rainbow of sparkling, mystical transformations after another.

Who can live this way?  WE ALL CAN.

Who does?  Oh . . . so very, very few.

But let me tell you this.  No matter what my path has brought to my doorstep, no matter the twists and turns my life has taken, no matter how frustrating or confusing a part of the adventure might have seemed to be . . . THERE IS NO MORE PRECIOUS GIFT . . . than to feel this way.  To live this way.  TO BECOME . . . this type of life form.

It is ENCHANTING.  It is COMPELLING.  It is ETHREAL and MAGICAL.  And it is so much more.

I invite you . . . to give yourself this gift as well.  WE love our life.  And we love every moment of its mystical journey.  If you don't feel that way about your own . . . every last second, every last drop of breath it holds . . . CHOOSE A NEW WAY.


The Awakenings of Light are all here, beautifully and soulfully created . . . for you.  You only need . . . say YES.

Join me . . . and find this amazing, magical life . . . you never knew was there.  I have.  And you can, too!


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