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How To Choose Your Essence

Welcome to A Touch Of Magic!

Do you wonder how to choose the perfect ESSENCE/POTION for you from the stunning abundance in our shoppe?  How on earth, indeed! :- )

First, just understand that you have entered A STARBURST OF ETHEREAL MAGIC here when it comes to our SACRED SOUL ESSENCES, POTIONS & ELIXIRS.  Called by any name, they are stunning, powerful . . . and seemingly infinite, as they just keep coming!

Yet, surprisingly, it is EASY to choose which ESSENCE is to be yours - to begin your sacred journey within Celestiava * Magic, or to continue on as you evoke ever-increasing beauty and grace and light from within yourself, as you deepen your time here with our magical, soulful creations.  And they ARE soulful - by any measure!  And that holds the key for how to know which one is right for you!


So how DO you choose?  SIMPLE. 


Close your eyes . . .

Clear your mind . . .

And then take a single breath.

Do you feel happy?  At peace?  Content and centered? 

Good!  If not, take another breath or two, really slowing down the process as you do so.


Then open your eyes, and click on the drop-down menu for ESSENCES & POTIONS along our top menu (this is where all of our SACRED SOUL ESSENCES reside).  That's it - that is all you have to do!  Just go where your heart leads from there.  Choose a category based on wherever you are drawn to go.  Once you are there, choose an essence in the same way.

You can also simply close your eyes and click on the screen - to see which individual essence you "choose".  Or you may glance through the names and see what beckons.  Or you might feel led to read through the deeper explanations of each essence you are drawn to, until one or two or seven! :- ) . . . say . . . "TAKE ME - I'M YOURS!

Follow Your Heart!

THAT is how you choose THE PERFECT ESSENCE.

There are too many to try to choose with your mind or with logic :- ) . . . and don't you know, that is by design!  If, after all, you do not feel you know which is truly for you - just choose the listing where WE CHOOSE FOR YOU!  And I will listen to your heart, for you, perfectly.

.Either way - you will be stepping into a very special, ethereal space: entering the exciting, magical realm which OUR SACRED SOUL ESSENCES OF LIGHT hold.


Just trust yourself.  Trust your heart.  Trust your inner wisdom and your soul's voice.  THE ESSENCES themselves will guide you to find - AND TO KNOW! - the perfect MAGICAL ESSENCE(S) for you.  Right here - right now - today.


Let's Begin!

Blessings Of Light & Magic,


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