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How To Activate . . .

A Sacred Touch “BRACELET OF LIGHT” is a simple yet potent creation.  it is truly a gift that can ignite the power of peace, joy, trust – even faith and inspiration – within whomever it touches. 

These bracelets are truly rare.  They carry frequencies and energies from ESSENCES OF LIGHT we ourselves have created the past twenty years.  There is literally nothing like them on earth.  Our "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" are infused with transformative energies of pure love, light, hope - and the very highest celestial light frequencies.  These are not your ordinary bracelets! 

They carry vibrational energies to assist and support as you open your heart, move through fear, and step into new dreams and soulful purposes.  In a word - they are a dear friend, here to guide every step of your way on a soulful path that was always intended to be yours!

Our "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" are simply an INVITATION to use our own inner energies of love, light, soulful connection and gratitude . . . to open doorways within us that can touch us, our lives, and those we hold dear - in deeply beautiful and powerful ways. 

A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" are humble yet extraordinary creations that allow each of us – whenever we feel drawn to them – to open our hearts.  We may feel gratitude for the small and tender blessings we see in that moment.  We may wish to honor the presence of the gifts we find in our lives that often go unnoticed because we focus on other things.  Or we may sense a deep feeling of joy for the extraordinary happy surprise that suddenly appears and takes our breath away.  GIFTS OF LIGHT in our life can take any form - we simply have to SEE THEM, then honor their meaning or purpose in our lives.

If you have received A Sacred Touch "BRACELET OF LIGHT" of your very own, you are beginning a very special JOURNEY OF LIGHT.  It is a tender gift, created just for you, to help call forth a most beautiful energy - from inside you and from the invisible realms.  An energy of GRACE.  And GRATITUDE.  And SOULFUL ALIGNMENT with your highest and best life.  When we are conscious of, and truly honor, the presence of the tender joys and blessings that cross our day, the wonders of spirit that touch our hearts, or the power of a GIFT OF LIGHT of INSPIRATION or ILLUMINATION to transform our path - we open our hearts ever wider to create and to receive, AND TO GIVE!, more of the same.

Our "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" have the potential to move mountains.  Infused with soulful and potent energies of light, it’s up to you how you accept the GIFTS OF LIGHT they carry.  You can take them lightly and playfully - or deeply and soulfully - into your life.  Then watch as the beauty and power of an open, grateful, and light-filled heart brings forth a very special grace in your life.  They can be a playful moment of whimsy you indulge in occasionally, or they can be a frequent and complete devotion you focus your intention on from your innermost depths. 

You yourself can bring forth a very special transformation into the world around you, and it originates from deep within you.  The beauty is, you can do it all on your own, without needing anyone else – just you.  YOU hold all the power!  It is a magnificent power that we are all “blessed” with inside.  And, beautifully, it is always there, waiting to be ignited – touched - remembered.  These "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" are gifts that can be a tender guide to turn your attention for a moment to what truly matters most – THE GIFTS OF LIGHT which surround us, the blessings and possibilities in your life each and every day.

We hope you enjoy your very own A Sacred Touch "BRACELET OF LIGHT"!  It’s easy to ACTIVATE and UNLOCK your bracelet's LIGHT.  Simply wear the bracelet, or gently tuck it in your pocket, or place it beside your bed, or anywhere that beckons.  When you see or touch the bracelet, the energies it holds can move through you - inspiring you to simply WELCOME whatever GIFT OF LIGHT you see or feel or sense in that moment.  Put your attention on whatever beautiful or happy or light-filled thing touches your heart in that moment.  It can be sunshine, ice cream, a whiskered kiss, a passing grade, a wildflower on the side of the road.  It can be a new friend or an old friend, a memory that stirs your soul, a grand new opportunity, or a forgotten pastime.  It can be an answered prayer, a peaceful heart, a tender goodbye. 

SEE what moves you or stirs your heart if you take a moment to be still inside, focus on the "BRACELET OF LIGHT", and find something wonderful - touching - inspiring - or blessed in your life.  And be happy for it, be grateful it is there, and most importantly KNOW THAT IT IS A GIFT OF LIGHT for you.  The GIFT is simply TO SEE THE LIGHT, both within you and around you, in your daily life . . . as the bracelet's energy is designed to amplify those frequencies all around you and to activate more of whatever you choose to really SEE in your life! 

There is a powerful energy to being open and grateful, conscious and aware - to focus on LIGHT rather than something else.  And the more we do it, the more powerfully THE GIFTS OF LIGHT can flow - both TO US and THROUGH US!  You don’t have to believe – just have an open and playful heart.  Then see what gifts YOUR "BRACELET OF LIGHT" brings forth for you.  Your part is easy – just pay attention to what shows up in your life with the power to tug at your heart strings, evoke a smile, or give you a moment of joy.

It is said that A Sacred Touch "BRACELET OF LIGHT" chooses you.  Please keep it safe, honor its power, and let YOUR HEART LEAD THE WAY!  Be tender with it, and when wearing it, simply roll it on or off, slowly and gently over your hand, rather than stretching it out to put it on or remove it.

What exactly is "THE SACRED TOUCH?  At first, it is the very special light-filled essences that infuse the bracelet's beads and stones.  These sacred creations are immersed in the highest frequencies of love and light and transformation.  And that energy can flow to you any time you put your attention on the bracelet and THE LIGHT around you. 

But their real secret, and their most potent power, comes when YOU allow THE BRACELET to ignite . . .  YOU.  Your Heart.  Your Soul.  Your Spirit.  Your Energy.  YOUR LOVE.  As you use your "BRACELET OF LIGHT", it touches you with amazing energies of LIGHT.  It blesses you with rare frequencies designed to uplift and touch the deepest part of your being. And, I believe, as is true of all that I create - unseen beings or touches of love from the invisible realms may join you along the way. 
And then something very special happens, as YOU carry that same light out into the world and touch others.   YOU then become . . . a sacred touch of light in your own life, and in the lives of others!  You will be blessed as your "BRACELET OF LIGHT" guides you into a deeper, more fulfilling journey on your path.  A path through life that becomes . . . A PATH OF LIGHT!

You can read more about our own special story of how our A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" came to be.  They are a whirlwind creation of inspiration, guidance, and an extraordinary path of being led to do the most unexpected things at the most inopportune times.  But creation is often that way – a little chaos, often perplexing, and a lot of the unknown.  Perhaps those are the magic ingredients we sometimes are trying so hard to get through (or away from!), that we may not realize they hold hidden blessings.  And gifts!  Looking back, at least for us, each seemingly unrelated and profoundly unusual moment was connected to the birth of these special gifts, which we are delighted and ecstatic to be able to share with you now.

You can read the magical creation story of these A SACRED TOUCH "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" here.

We took a BIG leap of faith to bring these to the world right now, believe me.  There were A MILLION reasons not to do it, and why we could not or should not.  And only one reason to do it.  The special tremblings of a heart that was so excited, it could not contain itself when the inspiration fluttered up to the surface from the stormy depths.  When you get butterflies . . . it’s time to ACT!

I hope you will read the story of our magical journey.  It was a quick one, let me tell you – just a week or two.   But in that time, our lives were forever changed in ways we are only just beginning to fathom.  My heart itself continues to quake to this day when I contemplate the power of the seed of this one tiny inspiration of creation!

The question I pondered deeply at the very beginning was this:  what if ONE SIMPLE, HUMBLE ACT – A SACRED TOUCH OF LIGHT – could change the world?  One ripple, one tiny ripple, at a time.  One heart, one life, one blessed GIFT OF LIGHT at a time. 

I believe it can! 

 May you enjoy your very own special

A Sacred Touch “BRACELET OF LIGHT” journey!



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