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One of THE hardest things we face in our lives is when someone we love - be it a family member, a deep friend, or a beloved animal companion - experiences an event where their life or their presence holds great uncertainty.

I have experienced this myself many times with both our beloved creatures and our human friends and family.  I UNDERSTAND just how excruciatingly raw and brutal a time like this can be.  There is almost nothing quite so . . . powerful.

These times are, for those we love - animal or human - a great window into their own deepest spirituality and connection to SOURCE . . . or the power of the universe, as you might think of it.  Those Beings whom I have had the great honor and deep joy to help during times like these . . . all feel THE MOST IMPORTANT THING . . . is to recognize that, at its heart, this is a spiritual event - "a heart-centered energy".

Being missing, suffering a trauma, experiencing profound illness or deterioration, or in any way being separated from those they love . . . catapults our creatures or our human family through a doorway which requires of them something profound.  This time asks that they dive deeply into the depths of their own heart and navigate each breath and every moment forward . . . from there.  And they ask us - those who love them - to do the same.

SPIRIT - and LOVE - are both held in a deep UNKNOWN.   It is that mystery, that uncertainty, that 'not knowing' . . . which creates the powerful vortex we find ourselves within, during times like these.  We then find ourselves catapulted - seemingly against our will - into this place where THE UNKNOWN swallows us whole.  Nowhere to turn, nowhere answers can easily be found, nowhere we can find how to end this nightmare we are now living.

And yet . . . the beloved souls we cherish, whether human or animal, can dive deep during these times and find their own extraordinary inner power, their own connection to SOURCE, and their own highest wisdom.  They discover, through this unexpected time, more of their own inner power and beautiful soul purpose for coming.

ALL BEINGS, in times like these, are surrounded by enormous Light - powerful Love - and incredible Guidance from within . . . from their own highest soul or essence.

The best thing for us to do, as humans who love and treasure them, is first and foremost . . . to step out of your mind and into your heart.  For this event calls to you to deal with it from a space of THE HEART - from PURE LOVE.  In some way, this time is a gift to each of us when it comes - so that we, too, discover MORE OF OUR OWN TRUEST and HIGHEST SELF - more of WHO WE TRULY ARE and CAME TO EARTH TO BE.

It is not just our beloved animal or cherished family member or friend who is having a soulful adventure when they are lost or missing, hurt or ill, or even seemingly "gone" forever.  It is us, as well.  THEY invite us to join them in seeing this as a soulful event.  Something with great purpose - deep meaning - and powerful gifts . . . for them, and for us.  Any Being in distress can always reach me at any time - we have a 24/7 open doorway for all souls.

But for the humans who go through this event with A Being you deeply love, our shoppe is designed to provide the help you may need - Illumination, Wisdom, Guidance - to help you move forward on your own, all for free.  If you would like, you can take some time and explore our shoppe as your first step in this powerful time unfolding around and within you now.

Celestiava*Magic (our shoppe) is designed, in both its writings and image creations, to give shimmers and sparkles, wisdom and gifts, insight and inspiration, illumination and guidance . . . TO ANYONE WHO COMES HERE.  Its pages are all created with the express purpose of gifting to those who come . . . exactly what their soul most wishes them to see, to know, to hear. 

And to be touched by . . . THE TRUEST GIFTS OF SPIRIT.

Sometimes, what you most need is right there - hidden in plain sight in our shoppe - for free!  You just have to take the time to explore, to step out of your deep fear for a moment, to give this sacred process your time and attention, to open your heart and your mind . . . and discover what calls or speaks to you and then follow where it leads you.

In times that are as raw and brutal as these, you may particularly enjoy reading "THE CONNECTIONS" which are in the "ILLUMINATION" section of the top menu.

The "SPIRIT*TALK" Connections Of The Heart  might just hold something of great value for you - in the words and listings which present each connection.  I also might suggest you take some time to explore "THE SHATTERED" CONNECTIONS, another set of soulful connection listings as well - they can be found in THE SOUL*PATH CONNECTIONS in THE ILLUMINATION section.  There are also CONNECTIONS for "INSPIRED LIVING" and "A TIME OF POWER" which could also illuminate the path forward for you in some deep and touching way.

The wisdom and truths held in the writings and explanations for each individual connection listing, as well as the art work, may give you exactly what you need in this moment.  Finally, you may also wish to explore the free audios and videos in the "TRANSFORMATION" section of the top menu.  They touch upon every possible challenge we face.

There is plenty here, on the shoppe, embedded into every page and every listing, each piece of artwork created, and every word . . . that can soothe your heart and inspire you to know what to do next and how your essence is guiding you forward in difficult times.  If, after exploring the gifts on our shoppe, you do not find what you need tucked into the gifts given here for free . . . and you feel you want something more, something deeper, something just for you . . . then you are welcome to choose "A CONNECTION" that speaks to you, from any of those listed on the shoppe.  Just place it into your cart and once purchased, I will be in touch.

I only work with people who come to me through THE SHOPPE.  In this way, we both know that you are ready to truly receive the gifts and wisdom which your loved one, beloved animal . . . or even your own soul . . . TRULY wishes to share.  Our creatures, especially, are incredibly powerful souls - they ask us to meet them in that same place . . . LOVE without FEAR.  All moments of extraordinary challenge or struggle ask the very same of us.

I hope you find something on the shoppe which touches you deeply and helps you during this difficult time.  We spend enormous time being sure that incredible gifts are woven into each and every page of our shoppe, so that all those who come can find what they need - often for free!

Or you can choose a connection if you feel deeply led by your heart to do so.  I wish you peace, and send you all of my love, as you embrace this time of power.  For it is that, you see - it is about so much more than an animal being missing or a loved one suffering and you being afraid.  It is about who YOU choose to be during this time.

Those we love and cherish give us some amazing gifts.  Sometimes those gifts are difficult to live through, but when we do . . . we truly receive the messages and blessings, the truths and the wisdom, and the inner transformation which THEIR LOVE brings to us during this time.

My life, through Celestiava*Magic, is dedicated and devoted to helping others who find themselves in these powerful life events that we think will shatter us - AND TRULY WISH TO HONOR THESE TIMES OF TRANSFORMATION.

It's difficult - I know.  But it is also a blessed time.  You just have to choose if you are willing . . . to let it transform . . . YOU!

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