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Hearts Of Magic

You cannot yet imagine JUST HOW MAGICAL creations of light really, truly are.  Incredibly - they defy our limited logic and all manner of expected science.  Truly, they live and exist in another realm where higher light frequencies dissolve both the boundaries - and the limitations - of this world.

Here, we touch new heights of creation, new depths of wisdom, and new integration of our lives within THE WEB OF LIGHT that Our Soul or Essence creates for us.  That web?  It is created to sustain us - our forms, our souls, our bodies and our lives.  It is also created to guide us - to lead us forward into our truest destinies and upward into our deepest bliss.

In a word - here, we truly THRIVE.

The heart is the doorway through which we Enter . . . ONENESS.  You don't visit.  You don't come and go.  You don't ease your way in.  Once there - you are utterly transformed.  And your vibrational matrix - the energy blueprint for both your body and your life - cannot fall below that frequency.  You live there . . . ever more.  Eternally bathed in its  ITS LIGHT, enwombed in ITS LOVE.  And something more - you are fed by its ever-expanding streams of MAGIC.  Here, THE UNSEEN REALMS weave their invisible gifts and blessings right into your life - front and center - in THE most awe-inspiring and breathtaking ways.

This isn't just a higher level of life.  THIS IS - TRUE LIFE.  And . . . PURE BLISS.

Is it yours?  BLISS - I mean.  Is that what you are feeling at night before you fall asleep?  Is that what greets you as you open your eyes each and every day?  Is that THE SACRED FRIEND you feel holding your hand and guiding you through even the darkest moments and deepest, most heart-wrenching storms of life?

No?  Then take heart!  Literally - it is time for you . . . to begin living THE TRUTHS OF YOUR HEART.  As you do so - you find peace.  And not only that, you are propelled forward by a never-ending Stream of Light. It feeds you energy, joy, and happiness.  Yes - true, and  pure - HAPPINESS.  Do you know what that is?  Do you KNOW where that lies?  It lies . . . in the space without fear.  Perhaps, in truth, HAPPINESS is  . . .  the absence of fear.

When you think about it, LOVE in our world is so interwoven and intertwined with fear that most of every parent's first words to their child, and most of every conversation the first 20 years of their lives thereafter . . . include the word "no" - or "don't".

Yet, it is only when we are able to TRULY SWIM in the ocean of light which is our HEART . . . that we can truly LET GO of all the fears and live the life we came to live.

Oneness - pure and simple - is pure love.  NO FEAR.  And it holds absolutely no duality, nor separation of energy or light or beingness.  It is the space where OUR ESSENCE TRULY LIVES - and it is the place where our real power unveils itself.

So if you are ready - TRULY READY - to be happy . . . then living from, and within, your heart . . . IS THAT PATH TO BLISS.  And guess what?  It's easy.  REALLY, it truly is easy to begin that sojourn.  And once you do, it is incredibly difficult to ever turn back.  Why?  BECAUSE IT IS YOUR DEEPEST TRUTH.  It is also all your soul or essence truly yearns for.  And, perhaps most magically of all . . . it holds the space, in sacred trust for you, where ALL YOUR DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

No matter your path, no matter your age, no matter your life . . . AWAKENINGS OF LIGHT are the stepping stones which bring you face to face with your own purest, truest light.  YOUR ESSENCE moves front and center as you release that which is holding you back.  The veils lift, the fog parts - and you behold - YOUR TRUEST, MOST MAGICAL SELF.  THE SACRED YOU.

And guess what else?

THIS is who we all come to be.  It is why we are here, it is the only reason for our every breath.  And entering that space not only reveals our truest destiny - it gives us the gifts and blessings that activate and birth that very thing.  And just what is that destiny?  Well, for each of us, it is different.  And it is the same.  YOUR DESTINY is . . . PURE BLISS.

Ready?  It's waiting for you.  And it's all right here.  Choose a class, begin the journey with a soul connection, work with a magical essence - and unfold - THE TRUE YOU.  There's nothing MORE magical on earth.  And there's nothing more valuable to your soul.  There's also nothing more powerful you can do to create a beautiful world, to expand the love in your life, or to reveal to yourself your own greatest gifts.

How to begin?  Any way you want. Every single item in our shoppe will begin the gift and blessing of OPENING to your own true AWAKENINGBut our classes?  They are the place where I take your hand, surround you in a cocoon of light, and nourish that unfolding for you in a very special and deeply touching way.  MAGIC?  Yes.  The soul and essence of light is always that.  PURE MAGIC.  PURE LIGHT.  PURE LOVE.

It is who YOU are as well.  If you're not living pure bliss yet - this is your time.  Our Introductions to ONENESS bring you a very special gift:  A HAPPY HEART.  When you begin holding the wisdom and wonder that opens inside of you . . . your life transforms.  In every way you could dream of - and some that are just too breathtaking to even imagine.

"A HAPPY HEART" is the doorway for learning about ONENESS - its magic, its power, and the sacred destiny it holds for each of us.  Below you will find some very beautiful, very wise, very creative ways to open that door and walk into its magical rooms.

These are the beautiful, magical conversations I have had with some very special souls beginning the dance of their own magical awakenings.  Begin your journey with opening into the wisdoms of A HAPPY HEART.  It is a dance of light.  IT is a magical thing.  And it waits for you . . .

It's time to learn deeply about ONENESS and the wise and magical ways of your most powerful energy - YOUR HEART.  Why would you live your life without that most wise and powerful part of you guiding you forward?  Let your mind relax . . . YOUR SOUL can take it from here!

We begin soon!

"A HAPPY HEART" is the result of opening to the wonder and beauty of LOVE. 
It dissolves fear and, in its place, happiness blooms. 
This is the path of expansion, of transformation,
And of the wisdom of life. 
Our "HAPPY HEART" WISDOMS are offered at the link below for free. 
And each one is also THE SEED which will be offered as an expanded class,
Allowing you to explore this wisdom deeply and discover more
Of what it truly means for YOUR HEART
The deeper discovery classes will be announced here as soon as they arrive!
In the meantime, the magical conversations which are inspiring the birth
Of a whole new collection of class videos is yours to explore here: 
   In our "HEARTS OF LIGHT" collection of classes. 

Embrace the process of whimsical discovery and magical expansion as our hearts expand into our truest existence - LIVING IN THE HEART!  And learning to live a life that holds . . . NO FEAR!


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