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Fairy Hollow

In this magical space,

We unveil for you the wondrous secrets

Our Magical Fairies want to share with you.

About who they are - how they are made - and how what you see

May not be quite everything you get!


This is the space where they come to answer your questions

About THE FAIRIES you purchase in our SHOP.


TRUE FAIRIES are as ethereal as can be. 

They are light as air, and powerful as a star.


But more than anything, their forms are rather uncontained.  They don't hold density or matter, as we humans think of a body to be.  They are light - they are barely there - they shimmer and undulate like puffs of light.  How do I know?  I've seen fairies.  Real, live, fairies.  But more importantly, they have guided OUR FAIRY CREATIONS to be what they, the fairies, want them - what truly reflects THEM.


These are the SIGNATURE ELEMENTS of our fairies:


They are ETHEREAL.

Oh my, yes, barely held together - like a cloud of light with some color woven in. 

They are held together, most it is true - by magic!


They have a heart body. 

Somewhere, somehow, in the fairy body you look at today -

Their body shape arose from the shape of a heart.  They often have heart faces, too!


And, we know you just have to ask, what about those WINGS!?!?!?


The question is, can you see them? 

You will notice that only a few fairies in our shop are shown with their wings.  That's because it is rare for them to show their wings until they are certain their human family is ready to RECEIVE THE FAIRY.  So it is quite possible you will purchase a fairy here in our shop - and THEN her wings will come into being. 

The Creation of A Fairy's Wings is governed by the fairy herself.  Some may not choose to have wings that you can see.  This is her way of reminding you that . . . if you look carefully, things you do not at first see, are actually there.  She has wings - whether you see them or not. 

IF YOUR FAIRY has chosen wings that you can see, then she chooses what they are made of and from.  These fairies choose materials I might not necessarily choose ;- ), but it is their CREATION.  And their CHOICE.  They want something that reflects in some way an energy or element of their true, unseen wings.  If she chooses to have WINGS you can see, then she is wanting you to look at her - and recognize the ethereal space around her where her true wings can be found.

A Fairy will also often not reveal her hair . . . until she is certain her human is ready for her.  That's why many of the images of our fairies do not show the fairy with her hair. 

Perhaps she chooses it . . . based on you!


And our own signature elements,

The strokes of LOVE and LIGHT which WE put into every fairy we make - are these:


They are ETHEREAL;


They have RAINBOW HAIR ! ! !

And their FACES APPEAR before your very eyes,

Peeking through the wool, ethereal whispers of eyes and mouths, magically formed by the fairy presence herself as the wool is used to create her, the fairy you see.

Getting to know our fairies is a way of getting to touch your own inner light and magic.  Fairies are always gifting us with the invitation into beautiful wisdoms and truths.  WE just have to listen.  And to take note.  To be present, and willing to realize THEIR WORLD is not separate from our own.  They see us.  We CAN see them.  WE just have to be willing to honor them, and to raise our own inner vibration into one of higher light.  And then it will happen - all on its own!


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