Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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Entering . . .

Once your doorways begin opening to AWAKENINGS OF LIGHT for you . . . it is time to take the next step.  A STEPPING STONE appears before you here in the form of A Sacred Presentation.

Taking your time, allowing chambers in your heart - and  mind - to unfold in their own way and time . . . is crucial to the journey ahead.  So sit back, explore, and allow the dewdrops of light which each gift below holds to sink deep into the depths of your own soul.  You will be ever glad that you did!

AWAKENINGS of LIGHT lead to a yearning, a calling, a feeling that there is more to see and to know.  About THE REALM OF LIGHT, yes.  But most importantly . . . about our OWN INNER LIGHT.  And so it is here that The Celestiava Magic Sacred Circle of Light was born - to make that journey the most magical, most profound, and most soulful experience you ever encounter.  And to do so with YOUR ESSENCE firmly on the SEAT OF THE SOUL, guiding you ever forward in the ways that are best - FOR YOU.  FOR YOUR GIFTS.  FOR YOUR TRUEST LIFE.  FOR YOU . . . HIGHEST BLISS.

Our offerings to you below, in this section, are foundational in a new way.  That ask you to begin TO IMAGINE . . . what life would be like if you KNEW ALL your own INNER LIGHT held in sacred trust only for you.  Contemplate this magical thought, this soulful wondering . . . as you immerse yourself in the gifts we offer below.

You will then be on your way, not just one step closer to ENTERING THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT . . . but ready to begin that most holy and sacred of journeys.  BEING TRUE . . . TO YOU!

Welcome to this magical, potent, and soulfully sacred space.  We truly hope you deeply ENJOY . . . your time here, preparing to ENTER . . . THE HALLS OF LIGHT.  Within YOU!






THE SANCTUARY OF LIGHT . . . Created Just For You

What Began As . . . A SPARK OF LIGHT

Seeing . . . LIGHT



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