Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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Conservatory Of Light

You are about to step foot on sacred space. 
Commonly referred to as The Celesti*Ava SCHOOLS OF LIGHT,
Our CONSERVATORY of Light is holy ground. 
Created for souls of light,
A space where YOUR ESSENCE can truly soar.


Here, you will explore and discover the truest frequencies of light - of love - and how embracing and integrating those connect you ever more deeply TO THE CELESTIAL BLUEPRINT of your own life.

WE reveal and unfold the very highest frequencies of light - some more ancient than creation itself - some brand new, birthing through us as we speak . . . in a sovereign space where your soul can ILLUMINATE for you the power and gifts they hold for you.


TRANSFORMATION from earth being to light being?  OH INDEED.

LIVING AS PURE LIGHT even while holding form on earth?  IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

You see, we are ALL "CALLED".  We are all . . . "CHOSEN".  The only question left is . . . do YOU say YES?  Are you ready to devote yourself to becoming, to remembering, to living . . . ALL  OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE?  PURE LIGHT.

The Realm of ONENESS awaits you.  Your Soul and Essence are ready.  OUR CONSERVATORY OF LIGHT is designed to open doorways for you that escort you on a path of extraordinary awakening - expansion - TRUE LIGHT.  It is a sanctuary of pure light.  And it is yours.  When you are ready.



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