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CelestiAva*Magic Schools Of Light

Ohhh, this is such a magical thing!

Unbeknownst to me, some very special, very powerful Beings have conspired and coordinated to bring forth a brand new creation.

The Celestiava*Magic SCHOOLS OF LIGHT are about to be born.  These are the extraordinary wish of a spirit who hopes to inspire and to teach all of life how to truly exist in THE HEART OF ONENESS.  As pure light.

The Celestiava*Magic Schools of Light are not schools in the normal sense.  They are a  magical, spirit-filled vessel where the soul and essence of every soul comes alive - birthing and blossoming into its own highest and truest frequencies of light.  Allowing EACH DESTINY OF LIGHT to now be fulfilled here on earth.  Are you ready?

We begin soon.  This Creation holds THREE SEPARATE ACADEMIES.

The Moon Beam Schools of Light
And The Quasar Schools Of Light.

Prepare . . . to create a brand new life.  Unlike anything you knew was possible here on earth.


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