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We are BEYOND excited to be able to share with you our newest creation!  ALL FOR FREE!!!

While our shoppe is a soulful outpouring of our heart, filled to overflowing with inspired creations to encourage you on your path of expansion into ever higher frequencies of LIGHT, it is created for a specific purpose. 

It gives to those of you who wish to have a friend, a guide, a beacon of light to turn to on your journey.  Someone to encourage, illuminate and inspire you to move forward on the path of your soul's destiny before you. 

Our Shoppe offers a nearly infinite number of ways to give you what you seek - from individual and soulful connections, magical classes, light-filled elixirs and essences and potions as well as ENCHANTED FAIRIES and more.  And our shoppe is for those of you who, at any point, wonder if you can do it alone - or wish there was something to really catapult you forward on your journey - or simply know that your soul is guiding you to find a new tool of light to integrate into your own sacred path.

WE LOVE OUR SHOPPE, and from all appearances, you do too!

But - could there be MORE???

I've always dreamed of doing something more.  I have always yearned TO OFFER the heartfelt, soulful, and magical gems of light which have been born inside me and inspired my own powerful journey of alchemy . . . to others.  WHOLLY FOR FREE! 

So that anyone, anywhere, no matter the moment or their situation in life, can HAVE that which sparked me forward, nurtured me through the transformations that are infinite and life-altering in the realm of light.  I have nearly ached . . . TO FIND A WAY TO GIVE TO OTHERS that which transformed me and my life into one magical, living, breathing miracle of light after another.

Today, we begin to offer to you this dream of mine come true.  My CELESTIAVA "GIFTS OF LIGHT" are intended to be a beacon of light for all souls beginning or deepening their own soulful journey of light. 

Learning who you truly are inside and how your essence guides your life's unfolding with a brilliance of love and wisdom is a beginning - one that changes everything about how you see yourself and those you love.  Deepening and expanding that process changes forever how you see the world around you - and most importantly, your highest gifts and destiny within it.

Our newest collection, The CELESTIAVA "GIFTS OF LIGHT" are whimsical, sacred and wise revealings about THE PLAY OF LIGHT and THE UNSEEN REALMS in our ordinary lives.  The deeper we look, the more we transform. 

2019 is the launch of this epic dream of mine, and we are just beginning to offer ALL FOR FREE these newest slivers of light.  They are my heart's wisdom, knowing, and gifts of light magically given here to anyone who wants to understand their own inner heart more truly and fully.

These short - 15-20 minutes - videos are being created and posted online for free.  One or two or more a week, we will create as many as we can, as spirit moves us.  FOR YOU!  FOR ANYONE!  ANYTIME!  The link below will take you to our CELESTIAVA website where you will find our magical GIFTS OF LIGHT index.  Click on any video and watch and listen, while your heart expands.  Your soul will take it from there!

For those of you who wish to be notified when new videos are available, just email us and ask to be added to our Celestiava GIFTS OF LIGHT list.  Unlike most other online creators, we never use your email or our lists for anything other than to give you gifts - never marketing or promotions.  And, best of all, you may forward the link below to anyone you wish whose heart could use a special touch of LIGHT.

From my blessed heart . . . to yours! 

It is my deepest, most soulful wish that you be TOUCHED and INSPIRED! 
And in doing so, may your own truest and most blessed life. . .
Be Found!



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