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Breaking All The Rules . . . And Then Some!

It's true,
Our Shop is unlike any other.
And our approach to it, everything from
How it began to each and every choice we make
About how it comes to you and the form each element takes
BREAKS - I am quite sure - EVERY RULE.

Every rule of retail . . . every rule of marketing . . . every rule of how it's done.  Right?

Well, rest easy, it's not that I am naive.  Or even unknowing.  Yes, I've never done such a thing before.  But that IS  ever the rhythm and truth of my life.  And those endeavors all do seem to, in the end, turn out to be perfect.  More than perfect, truth be told.

So why do I do that?  Why do I - KNOWINGLY - break all the rules?  Because . . .  at its heart, every creation, every choice we make, and truly ever aspect of our lives . . . is about ITS ENERGY.

I want this shop

To have, above all else,

The Purest Soulful Energy

One of MAGIC.  One of . . . LOVE

One born in The Oneness of Light. 

And, quite frankly, that requires . . . we step outside of the accepted truths of business, and create a new path.  A BLAZING PATH OF LIGHT.  And we are doing that - boy are we ever ! - here at Celestiava * Magic.

So you will see that our "product" images are not taken necessarily in the best light.  They almost never have white backgrounds.  And dimensions and sanitized descriptions are nowhere to be found.  Why?  Because even the description of a  product carries "energy".  And, most surely, we are not selling products.  We are instead sharing our creations of the heart.  They're embodiments of love and magic.  They are LIGHT which has - through our hands - taken form.

It's ok to break the rules.  Especially if the rules are based on something . . . shall we say, quite ordinary.  Soulful Creations require you to step into the vast unknown.  We all know that.  But they also require you to remain there.  This is HOW the shop wished to come.  It is not about driving hoards of shoppers through our channels and hype to get you to buy. 

It's about a more intimate,


. . . Experience. 

For us both!

It's much more about inviting you INTO the very depths of our heart and offering the jewels and gems of spirit - and whimsy - (for one does NOT exclude the other, I have found :- )) . . . which have been born in that space.

It's also about you.  I'm so tired of being MARKETED to - aren't you?   I'm tired of emails asking me to see this and buy that.  I'm tired of the main gist of every online store being - at its heart - about selling and money.  It's ok to do those things.  I'm selling.  I will make money.  But that's not the main reason for my shop.  Look at it and you will see what I mean.

Even the "product" descriptions are much more about introducing you to some magic, some light.  And every single word here, every image (most of which I create in some way) is designed to give you a gift that you take with you, whether you buy a thing or not.

The Shop Itself is MY gift. 
It holds
MORE Wisdom and Whimsy,
Gifts of Light and Inspiration and Joy
. . . than it holds something for you to buy. 

There are things to buy here, lots of them.  But there is far more given to you for free.  And, to me, that's the purpose of a shop.


This is my way of giving YOU MINE.

And doing that . . . does indeed break all the rules.  And I'm happy I DO!  I hope you are, too ! ! !

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