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Awakenings Of Light . . . The Path of Oneness

Our very special, very magical classes are called "AWAKENINGS".  Do you know why?  It is because they are energetic, vibrational frequencies - creatively delivered to you via every method possible - which allow your ESSENCE to expand and to vibrate to its next highest frequency.

Thus, you are not learning "KNOWLEDGE" in the ordinary way you might think of a class to bring you - though you will GAIN both knowledge AND WISDOM.  Rather, you are taking presence for yourself in a flow of energy - A STREAM OF SACRED LIGHT - which moves through you in ways that are both powerful and often unseen.  They are also witty, whimsical, touching - and transformative beyond belief.

Here, in this very sweet and potent framework, YOUR ESSENCE takes everything it needs from all that is offered - and we then weave it together in the most powerful and beautiful of ways . . . for you.  FOR YOUR AWAKENING.  For your most sacred and perfect path to, into, and within . . . ONENESS.

ONENESS is infinite.  ONENESS is pure light.  And ONENESS is ever-expanding.  IT is the space where YOUR LIGHT feels truly whole.  And . . . it is the space where all of your own inner power REIGNS.  It is here that we make sense of  all that can seem amiss in our world.  But - perhaps most importantly and profoundly of all - it is here, within THE HEART OF ONENESS, that our true gifts can be known and released for the world.

This is not just destiny.  This is . . . TRUE LIFE.  TRUE POWER.  TRUE KNOWING of who you truly are and came to be.  YOUR WHOLENESS resides here in this space, held in sacred trust in this purest of frequencies of light, of love.  JOIN IT.

Our classes are designed to take you there . . . one infinite AWAKENING at a time.  THE ONE YOU MOST NEED NOW, THE ONE YOUR SOUL MOST YEARNS TO EXPERIENCE, THE ONE YOUR ESSENCE AWAITS . . . with all of its heart.

IT IS TIME!  Join us . . . by choosing one of our oh-so-sacred and deeply magical "WINGS OF LIGHT" AWAKENINGS.  Classes?  Yes.  But, in truth, ever so much more!

WE have 4 collections of classes available in the drop down menu above.  Let your heart guide you to . . . THE PERFECT ONE for you at this time.  And we will be waiting for you . . . ready to illuminate, expand, and open all the frequencies of light just waiting for you.  We're here now.  Are you?

 Oneness invites you to leave the path of duality behind.  What creates that duality?  Fear.  Quite simply, AWAKENINGS are the very magical journeys that allow you to enliven your spirit to take greater presence in your life in such a way that . . . there is only LIGHT.  There is only . . . LOVE.  There is no fear.

Live that? 
and you have found the PURE LIGHT of ONENESS. 
And . . . TRUE BLISS.


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