Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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Awakenings, Enlightenment, Destiny - AND YOU!

Our shoppe is magical.  Filled to overflowing with sparkling, light-filled creations, it literally defies the mind.

You can find everything you might need right here - to guide you perfectly on your path of awakening.  Our shoppe is filled with free gifts - from a host of hours and hours of free class videos to the soulful wisdom and illuminations provided on every page in every product description.

You need never buy a thing.  You'll find all you may truly need is here - given - for free.  And that is by design.  Our creations are priceless.  And so is your awakening.  Listen.  Discover.  Honor the whispers inside of you as you meander through our magical pages.

And - when and if - you are ready to truly dedicate yourself wholly to LIVING AS LIGHT while on earth - to ONENESS - and to being all of who you truly are . . . then our paid creations are here to deepen that journey.  AWAKENING and living in oneness is a sacred, soulful journey.  You can do it alone.  You can do it for free.  Everything you need is here.  Begin - anywhere.  Peek at whatever you are drawn to.

And then let your soul lead.  YOUR ESSENCE has brought you here to receive very special gifts.  Many  are here, offered for free, for the taking.  And if your soul leads you to deepen that journey, to dedicate yourself fully to the extraordinary transformation that is A METAMORPHOSIS into LIGHT . . . our paid creations are here for you as well.

Either way - everything you need is ready for you.  It's all  here.  And it's all available to you.

The only thing left to answer is this: 


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