Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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AWAKENINGS Come . . . In Mysterious Ways

Awakenings . . .
Of Spirit, of Light,
Of higher frequency energies, of LOVE
*   *   *
Often take a most circuitous route. 
You can focus and try and strive - and nothing may come.  You can do absolutely nothing and without any intent - and it arrives like a bolt of lightning out of the blue.
Awakenings are, you see, THE DOMAIN . . . of THE SOUL.  Of your highest self.  Of your essence and spirit, of light and love.  They take place on a  higher - and deeper - plane of life than most of us regularly visit, encounter, or even consult.
Yet, they are THE MOST POWERFUL events in our physical, human lives.  They can shake us to our core, they will transform us into so much more than we thought we were, and they create metamorphosis when we least expect.  They are - in my world - PURE MAGIC!
And so, it is with a powerful and grateful heart, that I offer you this very  special category - inspired by souls just like yours!  Our precious "classes", designed to help you to raise your vibration, see your own inner truths more clearly, and - ultimately - TO SOAR . . . are finally here.  They propel you to begin living and expressing THE LIGHT which you hold inside you . . . as all of who YOU TRULY ARE.  WITHOUT EXCEPTION.  Not just when it is easy.  Not just when it is fun.  Not just when you know where it leads.

Our classes are not classes as you think of it.  They're far more about play and discovery than work or static learning.  They occur, first and foremost, as OPENINGS at the heart level - and then spread out like warm sunshine with a glowing rainbow . . .  through all the levels of your life, both inner and outer.
They are, in a word, A GIFT.  A gift you give to yourself.  A gift your very soul has helped me to create so that the class will be all that you truly most wish it to be.  A Gift that is rare and true and . . . life-changing.  And beyond!
These classes take energies and frequencies of Light, transform them into wisdoms you can behold, and lay them out before you in magical, whimsical, and deeply creative and soulful ways.  They are penetrating . . . they are enchanting . . . and they are fluid alchemy. 
We are always surprised in these classes!  There's no way not to be - they take unexpected turns, they burrow deep through the unknown, and they hold a wise, beating heart of light that YOU may have forgotten is truly your own.
I adore them, and I am the one who creates and teaches them - that should tell you something!  I am smitten with them in such a very tender, wonder-filled way.
Beyond what we think of spirituality, and physicality, there is a deep and inner harmony within each of us that simply awaits our full presence - and our true willingness to OPEN, to EXPAND, to LIVE OUR DEEPEST TRUTHS.
For many of us, that process of discovery is already well on its way.  These classes come when you are ready to truly SOAR.  TO TAKE OFF.  TO COMMIT to discovering, and being, who YOU TRULY ARE.  To begin the journey of light you truly came to live - and to embrace the newest aspects of that very sacred destiny.  One that can only be seen, much less held, without fear of any kind.
I'm pleased and truly delighted, as well as deeply honored, to offer you these special creations.  They are - truly - unlike anything you have ever experienced.  They are . . .  AWAKENINGS . . . in the truest and deepest sense of the word.  Awakenings of Light.  Awakenings Into Who You TRULY ARE.  Awakenings Into . . . ALL YOU CAME TO BE.
Why not begin . . . right now?  SAY YES!  HERE.  TODAY!
This very breath is just waiting for you to choose . . . YOUR GREATEST DESTINY OF LIGHT.  These Awakenings are indeed . . . the gateway that opens that very beautiful and powerful soul path.
"Soul*pathing" is where our bliss lies.  It is where our life is in pure alignment with OUR SOUL OR ESSENCE on all levels of life.  It is the sacred space where our deepest and most powerful soulful gifts are called forth from us within the life our essence first dreamed and came to create.  It is also where our truest gifts fly into true presence, materializing as if out of thin air, guided into their own soaring arc of light by . . . THE HIGHEST FREQUENCIES OF LOVE.

It is time. 
If you are ready . . . let's begin.
Choose your awakening.  And watch the magic begin!
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