Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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Are You . . . SMITTEN?!

Are you . . . SMITTEN?
Does the call of LIGHT - of LOVE - of SPIRIT - OF YOUR ESSENCE! . . .
both inspire and enchant you like nothing else ? ? ?
If so, then you have found your NEW HOME.  Celestiava * Magic is all about LIGHT, yes.  It is all about the magic and mystery of spirit, true.  But it is also about something TRULY RARE . . . THE YEARNING OF YOUR ESSENCE DEEP INSIDE OF YOU.

We strive with great intention to BE THAT WHICH YOUR SOUL & ESSENCE yearns for, wishes to behold and dreams of . . . for its own BLISS.

Every creation we make, every word we type, every image we craft . . . comes forth from the deeply bidden sea OF ONENESS.  And there, your soul and essence communicates all that it wishes to see, to hear, to behold.  AND, perhaps most compellingly, it calls forth that which YOU MOST CAN USE to awaken into your most ever-expanding and truest LIFE.

Not simply the physical life stream you hold - though we enchantingly transform that one too! - but THE FULL BODY OF YOUR LIFE FORCE, YOUR SOUL'S ESSENCE as it is now and will ever be.  In other words . . . THE WHOLENESS OF ALL YOU TRULY ARE.

We are both truly humbled and divinely honored to have the privilege of meeting you when you find us.  IF you are here, your soul has led you to our sacred space.  For there is literally no other way to find us.  YOUR ESSENCE must issue the calling from deep within you, and the universe of light then responds to bring you to our doorstep.

Now that you are here, relax.  Take a deep breath.  THE MYSTERY and THE UNKNOWN are your deepest friends here.  Why?  Because that is where THE TRUE POWER OF YOU is really held - in YOUR ESSENCE.

Every creation and every thought you find here is created for one single, soulful purpose.  TO HONOR YOUR SOUL, YOUR ESSENCE, THE LIGHT AT YOUR VERY CENTER OF BEING.

Welcome to . . . THE REALM OF ONENESS.  It will defy your thoughts, ignite your heart, and expand your intellect.  But most importantly?  IT WILL GUIDE YOU HOME to the truest bliss you have ever known . . . that of living as THE TRUEST YOU.  The you which perfectly reflects and mirrors . . . THE LIGHT AT YOUR CENTER.

Ready?  WE most certainly are, and we have been waiting a long time for you . . . to say YES.  You've found that which you've been seeking.  We're here to LIGHT YOUR WAY!

Let's begin!

Welcome.  And enjoy YOUR SOUL PLAY while you are here.  For that is truly how we CARETAKE YOUR MOST PRECIOUS SOUL OF LIGHT.  You'll see!


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