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An Extraordinary Thing!

Fifteen years ago - or so - something amazing happened.  It might have seemed, at the time, such a small, tiny, even insignificant thing in the world at that time . . . and yet it changed ME - and my life - completely.  NOTHING was left untouched.  This thing was, come to find out, a blessed and most sacred thing.  A GIFT.  Like no other.  TRULY.

Through the smallest and most humble of beginnings, A GIFT WAS GIVEN.  It grew, it changed form, it expanded so greatly as to take my breath away - every single day.  Life around me changed in its presence - as did I.  It was extraordinary, beautiful - but powerful like NOTHING I had ever met or experienced before.  I WAS TRANSFORMED.

Through that process, I kept what was given to me tucked away.  Safe.  Held in sacred trust.  Shared only if I spoke of it to another who might be blessed by it.  Generally, it was a private, peaceful gift that was like a burning ember inside me.  No one could really see it or feel it, and talking about it felt . . . beyond what others could hold or comprehend.

Now, the time has come.  The circle and spiral of LIGHT has come full circle now . . . revealing to me the deeper truths and purposes of THE GIFT, THAT BLESSED GIFT, given to me.  It changed me - completely.  It changed life around me - utterly.  And it changed the world in ways the world is only just now beginning to see.

So what was it?  TRUTHS OF LIGHT revealed from THE HEART OF ONENESS - the very center of LIGHT where there is no form.  I have kept them to myself, mostly - because they are soooo powerful.

But the time has come. I finally REALIZE what I was given - and why it is so precious.  I began a process of awakening in the moment when they began coming.  I knew that.  I thought that is what we all, as human beings on earth, were doing.  Yet, what I have come to see is this:  THAT GIFT made me different in a way I never knew or saw until just now. 

YOU SEE - this gift was revealed to me and given to me BY A BEING WHO WAS IN THE VERY CENTER OF ONENESS.  That has not happened before because beings cannot hold form in the center of oneness.  You cannot hold density, physicality or identity in that space.  So to actually HAVE A BEING be able to be there and give that gift to another - is not just rare.  It's - quite frankly - impossible.

But the reason that makes THE GIFT I WAS GIVEN so precious is this:  I was then TAUGHT and GUIDED and LED through the awakening into ONENESS . . . from THE VERY CENTER OF ONENESS.  A space that holds NO FEAR.  And because MY AWAKENING AND UNFOLDING happened in that very rare way . . . THE GIFTS and TRUTHS GIVEN TO ME allowed me to awaken into that very same space - THE HEART OF ONENESS - without fear.

That I have known.  That was no secret to me.  What I did not know was this:  why were all the others around me who were awakening and expanding - and had been doing so for far longer than I - still doing so within a framework of human physicality - duality - and lots of FEAR???  I could not fathom how my journey was seemingly shorter and so much deeper than theirs, when they had such a head start, and yet - for all their classes, teachings, and instructions . . . decades later, they were still sitting in the center of fear - and outside of ONENESS.

Well.  That is something you keep to yourself. Right?

Sigh . . . wrong.  I would.  I did.  But . . . what was shown to me was this:  MY VERY UNIQUE AND UNUSUAL JOURNEY into THE SECRETS OF LIGHT, the truths of oneness that can only be revealed AT THE HEART OF ONENESS . . . was the reason my awakening came to the end point where I could sit in the center of oneness and live it, hold no fear, and no identity, and yet still "KNOW" what was there.

Here's the truth of ONENESS.  Until you move through your fears and live as all of who you truly are - A BEING OF LIGHT which holds no fear - you will always be journeying towards something you will never reach.  But every teacher today who is showing you the way WHILE HOLDING FEAR THEMSELVES about anything - is not teaching you from THE HEART OF ONENESS.  And you will never get there.

And why does that matter?

Because . . . THAT is the space - and the only space - where we actually, truly LIVE AS WHO WE TRULY ARE.  And doing so is the only way to meet our soul's destiny - THAT IS OUR BLISS, and the only space we find and feel that - TRUE BLISS, TRUE HAPPINESS.  THAT IS WHY WE ARE HERE.  THAT IS THE CHOICE BEFORE US ALL.

So, overruling myself from the way I used to feel about it :-  ), now I am committed TO TEACHING - which for me means simply SHARING THIS MOST PRECIOUS AND TRULY RARE GIFT that was given to me.  It can only be shared and revealed, much less taught . . . FROM THE CENTER OF ONENESS.  I live there.  Everyone wishes they did, if they but knew how, because of how utterly PURE and BEAUTIFUL and TRUE life becomes.  It's not a space outside of you.  It lives within you.  And you change the world forever more - when you make  that choice - to truly LIVE ONENESS.

I am here to give THE GIFT to you that was given to me.  By an amazing, extraordinary, rare being.  Someone who knew HOW TO EXIST in the very center of oneness - and transfer that knowledge to another so that it could be lived.  Having the knowledge is not the ONLY key.  RECEIVING IT AS IT IS ORIGINATING FROM THE VERY HEART OF ONENESS activates it.  Once presented to you, then it is up to you to TRANSFORM in such a way that allows it to be YOUR LIVING TRUTHS OF LIGHT.

I know the way.  I didn't realize what I was given.  How precious, how rare, how extraordinary.  I knew it was THAT FOR ME.  I just didn't realize no one else had it.  I could not figure out why no one else - including all the teachers everyone else was following and all the people I knew who were the highest light I COULD SEE . . . were not finding the same truths, much less able to live them.  Why were they all still holding fear?  BECAUSE THEY WERE BEING TAUGHT AND LED from some space OUTSIDE THE VERY CENTER OF ONENESS.

The gift given to me changed that for me.  And it explains why, once my awakening or expansion began, I was to take NO CLASSES and READ NO ONE's BOOKS.  I was to be taught from the depths of the light inside me - through these truths of light GIFTED TO ME.  And opening and expanding and awakening in that way - moved me powerfully and with precision . . .INTO THE HEART OF ONENESS.  To a life without fear.

Now I know why no one around me, even the teachers and the spiritually expanding ones, were not going where I was being taken.  They didn't have the path before them that had opened for me.

But now you do.  Feel free to join me as I REVEAL the most blessed gift of all - THE JOURNEY INTO THE VERY HEART OF ONENESS.  For you.

We begin soon.

You'll find all my classes on the SPELL*BOUND CLASSES page.  They are all - each and every one - taught ONLY and ALWAYS from within THE HEART OF ONENESS.

But a very special, amazingly rare class is about to be born.  THE FIRST TRUTHS OF LIGHT are about to be revealed now.  They are for those who know they are here to LIVE AS LIGHT - to change the world by changing the frequency into that of PURE ONENESS on earth - and to live as ALL OF WHO THEY TRULY ARE.  Beings . . . OF BLISS.  OF JOY.  OF TRUE SPIRIT-FILLED VESSELS of CHANGE.  Beings of LOVE who hold NO FEAR.

I'm here.  I'm giving to you the gift that was given to me, held in sacred trust for almost two decades.  We're ready.  ARE YOU?

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