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About Us


Hi, I'm Mandy, aka "CelestiAva"

And this is our magical Shop,

"Celestiava Magic".


Celestiava Magic is a powerful space, created to reflect the highest energies of Light.

Whether seen or unseen, we use the power of LOVE and the energies of LIGHT to move through life within higher wisdoms, new truths, and wonderful alignments with the magic of the universe.


Our philosophy is simple:

To Live and To Love Purely and Truly - Without Fear.

Doing so creates ever-rising vibrations and frequencies within us that ripple out into the world in a powerful way.  One Ripple of living in this way is the stunning and extraordinary CREATIONS which birth inside of you, and through you, out into the world.

We don't create for the "usual" purposes.  Rather, it is an expression of our deepest soul.  The Creation Itself, and Spirit, leads that process from start to finish.  Magic happens when we allow all that is possible to move through us.  Often without knowing what it will become or be.  We so very often surprise even ourselves as our creations take form!


Every Creation

We offer in our collections

Is inspired by spirit and created through us. 

And we LOVE working this way!

Soul*ful Creations are the most powerful energies any one of us can hold.  They take the ordinary, and transform it into something truly magical.  These are ours.

Enjoy your visit, take your time and immerse yourself in A New Realm!  And, as always, feel free to be in touch with questions or comments.  Your Path will never be the same, once it is touched by THE LIGHT which inspires us, and which our creations, one and all, do hold.  They emanate a magic that speaks and moves in invisible ways, touching hearts and soothing lives everywhere they appear.

And the journey of discovering that very thing - THAT MAGICAL LIGHT - even through something as simple as a wool fairy or sacred essence, is the spark we give to all who choose to enjoy our creations.

What is "MAGIC"?     TRULY ?

Well, to me it is this: LOVE moving through UNSEEN. 

Our Space here is sacred to us, and it is intentionally filled with Wisdom, Ethereal Creations, and Inspired Tools which are created to serve only one purpose:  TO AMPLIFY THE LIGHT and THE MAGIC you already hold within you.

If you're ready for a brand new life, one that is richer and more ethereal and more magical, or if you simply wish to sparkle*up the one you have . . . CelestiAva Magic is the place!

Soulful, wise, imminently inspired and unique . . .

with one-of-a-kind, individual, ethereal creations that are all about THE LIGHT and THE MAGIC of LOVE!

We are all about LIGHT - the Essence of every living thing on earth and beyond, whether seen or unseen. Our space here is vibrant and energetic - and filled with the highest energies of Presence, Love, and Creation.  And our shop is where our soulful creations all birth into the world. We follow the principles of light in our work and our business - thus OUR SHOP is based only on the vibrationand energy of LOVE.

Our truths, and our training, come only from Light and Spirit and The Soul. No human paradigms have been foundationed into our Knowings. This is unusual, yet, for many . . . training simply becomes something which reflects ANOTHER's WAYS, something which must then be let go of, and expanded beyond. No matter how ancient one's lineage is . . . or how wise and sacred its wisdoms . . . Light requires expansion. And breaking new ground.

WE do that here, at CelestiAva's Magic - in every breath. Come join us! I promise your life will be infused with a rare and potent energy of . . . rebirth. And an expanding awareness you may have forgotten was yours.

We welcome your comments and inquiries. We are doing business here in a brand new way: AN ETHEREAL BUSINESS where the creation itself leads, spirit and soulful energy guides, and the magic of the heart weaves its presence into every part of our space here. Sacred Commerce. A Reality whose Time Has Come.

Thank you for dropping by.  We hope you have QUITE the magical day!

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