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A Soul*ful Gift

What is . . . A Soul*ful Gift?

It's something that rises up from deep within you.  Something that beckons to you with a power you cannot deny.  A soulful gift is THE THING you would do or create or gift . . . no matter what.

A Soul*ful Gift is something that feels as if it is as necessary to do or create as your next breath.  And you will do it, no matter the cost - no matter the response it receives - and no matter the path or journey it takes you on, to do so.

Soulful Gifts are powerful things.  They reveal A Trajectory our minds simply cannot fathom.  The Heart, though, will embrace the sparkles and the shimmers that come - because The Heart Knows.  This - is pure MAGIC.  This - is unexpected BLISS.  And this is something else . . . Your Soul's True Song of Light.

Soul Gifts, in the business sense, are the things you would create - or make or offer or want to share with the world - whether anyone paid you for them, EVER, or not.

And, in the business sense of OUR world . . .

Soul*Gifts are truly rare.

It's not that people are not selling or making things with a part of themselves in the item.  Rather, it's that they take that precious, soulful Light - that Spark - and then they fit it into A CRAYON BOX that forces it to be a certain way.  They put bounds around something .  . . which at its TRUEST, PUREST EXPRESSION - not to mention POWER - is BOUNDLESS.

"Marketing, etc" - for A Soul*ful Gift - comes not by human hands.  You don't think about the Market, or advertising, or social media, or driving traffic to a site.  You just allow . . . The Magic of The Universe to take the wheel - and to reveal its enormous power.  What comes next is ALWAYS wholly unexpected.  It's never the path you'd map out or think would be right.  But it comes, always holding deep in its center, this one thing: 

THE VERY HIGHEST OUTCOME for your Soul*ful Gifts.

So if something comes along, and you pour your heart and soul into it . . . I caution you to not go and then weaken that magical unfolding . . . by overlaying it with The Usual Way.  It won't work - not for long.  And it will cost you something truly precious, something you might never imagine:  THE OPEN DOOR to your own pure magic.  WE all hold magic.  But it flows at its purest when it is boundless.  When there is no fear.  And when we allow IT to control the process, start to finish, every breath of the way.

This takes trust, I suppose we can all see that, yes.  But more than that - IT TAKES A KNOWING that your soulful gifts are extraordinary.  They aren't only special - they are rare.  And giving them to the world following someone else's formula for what works, what is best, or what will "get you there" . . . misses the point.  YOUR SOUL has a plan.  THE CREATION knows its way.  Your highest choice is simply to surrender to the LIGHT In both of those . . .and step out of the way.  It's not quite effortless - but - it is wholly NOT PLANNED.

Enjoy your Soul*ful Gifts when they come and reveal themselves to you. 

Even better, HONOR THEM. 


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