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What If?

What If . . .
A Sacred Touch Of Light
What If . . . Transformation, Growth and Expansion are simply waiting for US to activate their power in our lives?
What If . . . Wishes and Dreams for a better or truer life all await US to initiate them and their creation blueprint into our lives?
What If . . . LIGHT activates - and then ignites - Creation Energy and we can receive that precious gift at any time?
When . . . does something physical and material . . . become something more? ? ?
When does the ordinary move beyond
Its simple physical nature to embody
Something truly extraordinary?
The Answer?
When LIGHT activates The Light within a seemingly otherwise ordinary and everyday thing.  Then not only is it transformed into a potent and powerful INSTRUMENT OF LIGHT . . . so, too, are you!
Because the activation of PURE LIGHT - PURE LOVE - PURE SPIRIT . . . within something that is part of your world then flows to activate THE LIGHT within you!  It is a beautiful thing.  Soulful, too!  And welcomes Transformation into Your Life.  Your World.  Your Path.  Often in the most tender yet stunning of ways.
"A SACRED TOUCH" is a small but mighty collection of transformational Instruments Of Light.  Each is inspired by Spirit, infused with very high frequencies, and chosen and designed intentionally to ACTIVATE . . . LIGHT.
In a word - each of these creations is designed To Initiate and To Ignite . . . LIGHT, WITHIN YOU and AROUND YOU and THOSE YOUR LIGHT TOUCHES.
Seemingly simple and ordinary items that carry A SACRED TOUCH Of Pure Light . . . are an Invitation To Transform.  Into all you came TO BE.  TO DO.  TO BECOME.
Which of these very special creations speaks to you?  Which one beckons to your Soul, saying "It's Time".  Our focus at Celestiava Magic has always been about potent, sacred creations that embody PURE LIGHT and PURE SPIRIT.  Our "A SACRED TOUCH" items offer you some of these same frequencies, vibrations and energies of Transformation in a simple yet ordinary form.   They are TO BE SAVORED.  TO BE TREASURED.  And TO BE ADORED! 
They can change the way you see the world . . .
As THE LIGHT within you rises to new levels
Of Beauty, Truth and Wisdom.
Our very first creation of our A SACRED TOUCH items
Is our very celestial, very enchanting
Are you ready to begin a soulful and magical journey . . .
One that will welcome PURE LIGHT and the transformations it brings
Into your life ever more deeply?
Surely, it's time!

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