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A Sacred Touch


Have a magical creation story. 


A MOMENT CAME.  At first, it seemed like any other – but it was not.  It became a truly rare and life-changing moment in time, when all is said and done, seen and known.

It was the week before Easter.  I had just created a simple, happy little altar on our living room fireplace hearth a week or two before.  Not for any religious reason, I just felt called to do it – and eventually had to give in to the impulse, so that it would leave me alone!  I say "not for a religious reason" because it was not intended to be an EASTER or PASSOVER altar.  I would have made it at any time - just because I was being urged from within TO DO SO.  That it happened to have converged upon the very weekend of PASSOVER & EASTER - well, we call that a happy little magic that was not sensed nor planned at the beginning.

The altar was intentionally created to give light and energy, prayers and blessings into the world - so that humanity might awaken and expand into a happier, higher state of being.  It was complete, ready and waiting – for something! - by FRIDAY on EASTER WEEKEND.

Easter Day arrived as a rainy, blustery, windy storm of a day.  Yet just as the sun was setting, the storm subsided AND A MAGNIFICENT RAINBOW appeared over the mountain across from us.  It was SPECTACULAR!  More than that, I could feel and sense that the rainbow had MEANING – PURPOSE – a deeper wisdom to convey.  The next day, on Monday, we watched a movie at home after dinner.  It was a light and happy, yet poignant movie by HALLMARK called THE BLESSING BRACELET.

You might enjoy watching the movie if you can, because it speaks to the power each of us hold to receive blessings if we simply open ourselves to the possibility.

We both loved the movie and it is wonderful - but the real magic was what came next.  For some inexplicable reason, the next day I could not get the movie out of my head.  And this deep, brooding, searching question began to haunt my thoughts – growing stronger by the hour. 





All that is asked is that you step into the possibility
And allow creation to then flow through you?


In what became a strange and unsettling experience, I could not get the movie – or my question – out of my head. 

And then it happened.

I felt a surge of light – inspiration – illumination, call it what you will, shoot through my heart and beckon with a sense of urgency that was not about to be denied.  Wouldn’t it be EXTRAORDINARY to make some simple bracelets myself AND INFUSE THEM WITH ALL OF THE LIGHT, ESSENCES and ENERGIES OF CREATION I already use and create in my own work?  Then we could give these powerful BRACELETS OF LIGHT, imbued with beautiful energies for each and every soul, to anyone who might need a little smile, a little gift, a little uplifting – A LITTLE GIFT OF LIGHT?  

You should know, however, I already have more work and responsibility on my plate than I can ever hope to accomplish unless I live to be 177.  So the idea for a new creation to be the most important thing in my life was ludicrous.  Insanity, really, because I have so much else waiting for me to get to it – important things, too.  Soulful things.  DESTINY OF LIFE THINGS, truth be told.

But, alas, when spirit beckons . . . it is ultimately futile or downright destructive to resist for long.  So, I surrendered.

I purchased some supplies, paying attention only to what really drew me to it – no knowledge, no expertise, just feeling.  Then took a half hour before bed in the wee hours and I created my first two A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT".  And then . . . I was STUNNED.  They were BEAUTIFUL, if I do say so myself!  And the energies they held and had been imbued with were really spectacular.  They felt . . . special.  Truly TENDER and POWERFUL.  And something more I could not quite describe.  To me, somehow, they were BREATHTAKING in a very simple yet unexpected way.

It was as if simple pieces came together in some special, mystical way - and turned out to be far more amazing together than you could have imagined.  The bracelets seemed to create themselves, in that I felt exactly what to do and which pieces to use.  I was smitten, let me tell you!  And that was a problem.  I already have more creation projects for things I adore to make than I can even make sense of – and several currently ongoing all at the same time!  But there was now no turning back – I was not just ALL IN.  I was IN THE DEEP END!

But do you know what REALLY made me SMITTEN with these?  It was their energy – their power – their presence.  I COULD FEEL and SENSE that these were special.  They were different than anything I had seen or held before.  They were created to give GIFTS OF LIGHT to any heart, and that intention was not just present, it was POTENT.  They took my breath away.  And something else.  They felt inexplicably SACRED TO ME.  Like holding something tiny in your hand that you don’t realize has the power to change the whole world as you know it.  That feeling humbled me.  I was left in awe and struck with wonder.

Without knowing what I was doing, I made some more.  And then some more.  More supplies beckoned, and before you know it, it all snowballed.  But that’s not the most interesting part.  One thing that was really enchanting to me was . . . I LOVED THEM ALL!  Each and every one I made, no matter how, seemed as beautiful and unique as a rare pearl.  And that placed a big choice in the center of my path.

Do I take the few I had made and give them away to those who I would love to touch with some love, some help, some encouragement –with my very own A Sacred Touch "GIFT OF LIGHT" just for them?  What if I made a few more and gave them to strangers who could use a smile or a “hug” on their wrist?  Do I take this little firestorm interlude of creation and give away the creations and return to my already overflowing, full life –

OR  . . . ???

And then I was CONSUMED.  I mean literally, CONSUMED.  I became consumed with the possibility, the potential, the OPPORTUNITY for blessings and life transformations these little sweet somethings held.  I was QUAKING INSIDE at the full potential of THE GIFTS OF LIGHT that could flow from these sweet little creations into the lives of any soul on earth.  And I contemplated deeply what a profound difference they COULD make in the lives of anyone touched by them.

Quickly, a whole host of extraordinary new blessings appeared in my own life, all pushing me into the depths of this truth:  these high frequency "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" creations flowing through me out into the world are A SACRED TOUCH to help each of us to create a better life for ourselves and to transform the world as we know it. 

It’s up to us, but these little gems are an incredibly powerful INVITATION for showing us the way.  And then, something even more unexpected happened.  One morning I awoke from a dream with the oddest knowing that I would soon have a whole family of these SACRED TOUCH BRACELETS – different kinds for different purposes, all with different names – and the purposes themselves being revealed were WONDROUS!  I truly wanted to make them all – NOW!

There was just one problem.  In the midst of all this A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" CHAOS, blessings began flowing into my life from seemingly out of the blue as well.  It suddenly felt as if EVERYTHING WAS EXPANDING ALL AT ONCE.  It wasn’t just chaos – it was as if A WHOLE NEW LIFE was birthing.  It left me feeling breathless and . . . almost undone.  And that is when something extraordinary came.

A WISDOM floated down into me from above, or so it seemed, as if to say:  LET IT BE.  Just SURRENDER in each moment to what is before you, take care of that, and it will all be woven together perfectly.  Everything will get taken care of. 

But the creation itself is so much bigger than I know.  And it is not humanly possible to figure out how to get everything done.  So I turned it over to God and to my soul, dedicated myself to honoring the gifts this “inspiration” was bringing to me . . . and surrendered to the flow of something I might never fully understand.  I knew I could not control it because I did not have the blueprint.   I was flying blind.  I could only execute what my heart guided me to do in each moment.  And then trust.  Oh, this was going to require EPIC TRUST.

Our first two A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" went out into the world on the very same day, less than two weeks later.  One was a gift for my sister-in-law’s birthday.  And that is a funny thing.  I was working tirelessly for months and months, creating a very special birthday gift for her – and it felt REALLY IMPORTANT, almost EVEN URGENT, that it be complete by her birthday.  That is, until the "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" came into my world.  Then her creation went silent - as if paused by some greater power on high.  Eventually, I realized the two were connected, and the bracelet WAS the thing which needed to come first.  So even the other gift I was working on for her was something tied to this "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" CREATION.  Somehow.

The second "BRACELET OF LIGHT" was sent out into the world as a gift, along with a custom item that was purchased from my online shoppe.  This order came in the day after that EASTER RAINBOW, and I felt the two were very connected.  I had been working on this custom item for two weeks – all during the time the "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" creation was arriving in a frenzy of chaos and inspiration.  And then the morning the custom order was to ship out, suddenly I felt COMPELLED to create A Sacred Touch "BRACELET OF LIGHT" specifically for this customer and send it along with her order as a gift.

I will not tell you how much money and time and energy - for both me and my husband! - has gone into this creation for the past two weeks.  But I CAN tell you this – it seems nothing else matters, for myself or for the world, more than this right now.  I have surrendered into the chaos and the whirlwind, thrown my lists and plans up into the air, and simply put myself in the middle of it all to do as my heart dictates.

When things like this come into our lives, it behooves us – REALLY BEHOOVES US! – to pay attention and then to honor them.  Because, you see, this was never about beads or bracelets.  This was A MOVEMENT OF LOVE AND LIGHT flowing into the world in some amazing ways.  It’s not easy when that happens - it will almost certainly turn your world upside down.  Nearly every creation or responsibility I have comes forth in this way. It is humbling to witness the power we all hold when we do as our soul and highest wisdom guides.

There is a power and a tenderness to these A SACRED TOUCH "BRACELETS OF LIGHT".  But that is only the beginning.  I believe they have come forth to INVITE US to really open our hearts, expand our awareness, embrace parts of our life we shy away from or that are wholly unknown to us at this time - and then to transform in some truly exciting ways!

I have come to believe these "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" are an invitation from our soul, from spirit, from our highest self . . . to embark on our truest soul path of light.  It’s quite possible OUR BEST LIFE is waiting for us to take an as yet unseen step into it.  And these bracelets will help us to do just that - if we allow them to.

I hope this magical story blesses you and inspires you.  Our A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" are simple creations with enormous potential.  To me, they are A SPARK which flows into every part of your life – if you allow it to – and then they create an ENTIRE STARBURST of NEW POSSIBILITIES.  You may not get to consciously choose what stays the same and what transforms in your world.  But I can tell you this – since these "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" came to me to create them in this very special way, I have been in awe of what has come into my life.  It is as if THEY ARE IGNITING wonderful expansions and transformations in nearly every facet of my life.  Almost like a spark, they are igniting a flame.  And I have not even made one for myself yet! :- )  And still their power has flooded through my life in what appears to be a never-ending gift.

I will, one day soon, write THE EVEN DEEPER STORY of all that these "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" have SPARKED into being in my life – just in the first two weeks!  It is truly mind-boggling, let me tell you - and borders on the miraculous.  But for now, surely you have heard enough to make the choice for yourself.  Are you ready to deeply embrace THE BEAUTY - THE POWER - THE GIFT . . . of A Sacred Touch "BRACELET OF LIGHT" into your life? 

If so, I can only imagine THE PURE GIFTS AND BLESSINGS OF LIGHT ready to flow through and all around you.  You may explore our "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" Collection here.



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