Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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A Powerful Magic . . . COMES!

It is here. 
A Time awaited for eaons. 
A Creation gestating for nearly 21 years now.


THE TREE OF LIGHT School is being born!  Beyond what we know, or think, of learning and of ourselves . . . there is a magical way to unveil THE LIGHT within our truest selves.  That Sacred Path is being revealed here for anyone, anywhere, at any time . . . that is ready to say "YES - I'm All In".

This birth is a sacred thing - and it is far reaching.  All of our classes, wisdoms, videos, writings, and all other transformational gifts designed to help you DISCOVER your own truest light within yourself . . . are coming here.  In one place.

This will take some doing, and as THE TREE OF LIGHT school begins its birth now, we will leave the old categories and original links up for those of you who are exploring them already.  But over the next few months, we will be completely birthing a whole new section here that will embody THE TREE OF LIGHT SCHOOL for your own magical journey.

It's unlike anything on earth.  It holds both spirit and the magic of the soul in a brand new way.  And its doors will be opening to you . . . soon.  We cannot wait!

Until then, feel free to explore and discover all the original offerings in the TRANSFORMATION CATEGORY.  They will soon be moving, integrating, and helping to orchestrate A WHOLE NEW WAY of learning about LIGHT, YOUR ESSENCE, and THE MAGIC OF YOUR OWN TRUEST DESTINY.

We believe you will be amazed at what we are creating.  For we, ourselves, have known it would be born for quite some time now.  And yet . . . we are stunned at how BREATHTAKINGLY POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL it is.

It's time for . . . ONE LIGHT.  And your soul is ready to play with you in OUR WORLD OF LIGHT.  The windows are open and the doorway . . . will soon be yours, to walk through.



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