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A New Way!

There is a new way of life taking hold in our world. 

One whose time has surely come!  A long-awaited return to . . . BLISS.

Not what YOU are seeing in the world you look at?  Not quite what you perceive through the windows of your mind?  I know.  It can be disheartening.  Looking at the world we live in through the PRISM so often presented to us is bound to give any sane person pause.

Yet, if we look deeper, we find there is an extraordinary amount of MAGIC in this realm.  JOY and BLISS like we have never experienced before.  If that's not quite what you are seeing and feeling, then I INVITE you to take a journey.  See what I SEE.  Hear what I HEAR with my heart.  Listen to the WHISPERS OF SPIRIT that swirl and surround us all, each and every one.

Ultimately, what our life looks like - and what our world appears to us to be . . . rests with US.  That POWER is ours, and ours alone.  I know that sounds incredible - unbelievable even - perhaps truly crazy to you . . . but I am here to tell you this:  I SEE magic every day.  I HEAR joy and blissful events taking place in every moment.  And I am BLESSED by something even more precious - something probably most of us, perhaps all of us, would pay anything we could or had to, in order to receive it.


It's this:  where you see DESPAIR, I see hope about to be born.  Where you might see HATE, I see a new form of love birthing in the ashes of what was.  Where you may think things are beyond our grasp to change, I see A WONDROUS TRANSFORMATION already taking form.  And where you see a world run amok, fraught with intolerance and insanity at every turn . . . I see a world just waiting to find its ONE HEART.

You see, if you think about it, we are not that different.  WE use labels and identities to craft and forge - AND HONE - differences between us that we then cement into our view.  By keeping them front and center between us - as the first thing we see or perceive - we fail to grasp THE TRUTH behind the label.  THE WHOLE BEING.  THE FULLER and DEEPER REFLECTIONS we are of - AND TO - one another.

But in the end, we all feel sadness and joy, we all hope for the good of ourselves, and others, to be found - sometimes even by us - and we all hold A Spark of Light.  If you think there is a person, a thing, or an event that does NOT hold Light - pure EVIL - pure HATE - I would ask of you this: 

Come with me.

I won't try to change your mind.  Your view is your own.  What I would do, though, is this:  offer you THE BEGINNINGS of an inner wisdom which can shift all of those things you see.  This isn't about putting on ROSE COLORED GLASSES and ignoring reality.  This is about opening YOUR EYES to the full world around you.  A greater, bigger reality.  In such a way that your own vision, view, and perception shifts.  And with that shift, in awe-inspiring wonder, you yourself may just discover that something which seemed horrible - held MAGIC.

What kind of MAGIC?

The kind you can only glimpse and see, much less understand, when you give your heart FREE REIGN - and your mind gets a lesson or two in the power of the field of light.  A powerful force that your own mind, once awakened, can use to quantumly expand its own power.  In the very best of ways.

Yes, our world, gives us all PAUSE.  WE ponder, we fret, we debate.  And nothing changes.  Really.  Different characters take the stage, but the play remains largely the same, the story playing out before our very frightened - and hopeless - eyes.

But there is another way.  A NEW WAY.  A way where we all, each of us, choose to IGNITE the light held - if perhaps hidden - within every single moment in our world and our lives, both large and small.

If that is of interest to you, come join me. 

I teach, to call it something, but really it is this:  I SHARE MY HEART.  Its highest frequencies of knowing and wisdom, which quantumly shift how I see the world.  And how I live within it, every facet and every moment, of my life.  I'm happy here, in this life, in this world - the one we all have today.  And that precious energy of Light - helps me to know that with every action I take - I am creating an even more magical realm here.  For Myself.  For You.

If you'd like to join me in that adventure, you are INVITED.  Classes are not really classes so much as they are this:  GIFTS OF LIGHT - given in very special formats, that you can experience - and then absorb as you choose.

I've discovered something MAGICAL. 

And we all have it.  And no one needs to be taught anything.  IT ALL LIES inside of you, and your highest essence is your PERFECT teacher.

All I might do is SPARK an illumination that sends you on your way into your own MAGICAL REALM.  The one where you create your own . . . TRUE BLISS.

Our shop is pure magic - meaning, our heart and soul is on full display.  Everything - each item we create, each word we write, each image we are blessed to help take form - is all the simple act of us pouring our heart and soul into the moments of each day, and night, which shimmer.

Some of you have asked how I came to be this way.  I'll take that as a compliment, realizing it could be meant otherwise, lol! :- )

You have asked, how I came to create what I do.

And how I came to be blessed to have this sweet, beautiful shop online - following NONE of the normal principles of life or business.  And how I came to see the world in such an open and pure and, well MAGICAL, way - without turning my back on the realities of our world.

And so, if that question is really tugging at your heart, and you wonder this more often than you expect, then I have been moved to write this page - and let you know this:  YOU TOO can follow the same path into Transformation.  Into awakening your own Inner Bliss.

Your Transformation will be different, but the stepping stones that shimmered for me, may illuminate - or ignite! - something in  you. 

To take that journey, click: 

Either way, Magic Is With Us. 

It is the ever-present power of OUR HEARTS. 
And I have to say, mine is on full display! 
As my shop here, and my life,
Clearly show, lol!
How about . . . yours?


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