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A Magical Invitation from . . . The Babies Of Light

babies of light - the invitation

This is a precious and rare gift from very pure, very powerful hearts of light.  Though given to a single person one year ago, its seed is now blossoming forth into the world.  FOR YOU.

Perhaps a personal reference on the video does not seem, at first glance, to fit you or your life . . . look deeper.  Could it be referring, soulfully, to something you don't quite yet see or fathom?  Even, perhaps in your instance, something yet to come?

When you open your heart this wide - wide enough to receive this very rare invitation - you change.  From the very next breath you take.  Your life, your soul, your purposes all begin to glow with a new sparkling light.

This is just the beginning.  MORE INVITATIONS will be issued - each one more potent, more beautiful, more magical - and more soulful! - than the last.

Begin this tender and precious journey of very special light - with me - and my babies of light - today.  AS they say . . . THE WINDOW is closing.  THE INVITATION is yours to open, to behold, to choose.

AWAIT . . .
Only    YOU!


In the second part of this invitation, THE RAREST of gifts, we behold the magic and power of THE INVITATION.

Something humans might think is impossible.  Something we might even say is . . . fantasy.  But it's not.  And those of you who know this - who believe in and live the frequencies of light in your life - KNOW THE MAGIC that belief can hold.

WE all think we are living our best life or our highest expression of who we truly are.  But let me tell you, when you come face to face with a magical and precious moment such as this one - such as THIS INVITATION holds - you begin to realize what you have lived is only a glimmer of all you came to be.

And if you are ready to throw open the doors to your heart - and to step beyond the river of fear which keeps you attached and tethered to this realm . . . then MAGIC AWAITS!

Join us - by taking the first step.  CHOOSING to listen and to see if . . . THIS INVITATION is for you.  Does it stir your soul?  Does it make you wonder what else your soul might be here to live?  Does it cause you to feel happy with a strange tingling sense of anticipation - or to turn away in fear?

LET THE INVITATION bring you face to face with a brand new choice.  About YOU.  About YOUR LIFE.  And About WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

This Invitation is, perhaps,
The most powerful choice you will have yet made in your human life. 
It is that important.  It is that precious.  It is that . . . PRICELESS.
And it is all yours - right here - today - right now
And Your Answer Is . . . ?


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