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A Magical Business * Our Shop And Its Principles

I am thrilled, and blessed, that you have chosen to visit my shop.

CelestiAva * Magic is my soul's magical place for presenting some of our newest creations to the world. Everything we make is infused with Love and Light, Spirit and Magic. Our creations uplift and bless, from the very first moment you discover their presence. Enjoy! 



Simply put, payment is an energy extension of you. Keep it pure and true, and your purchases will arrive with the highest energy and most potent blessings you can imagine. No purchases are shipped until payment is received - and the creation itself is complete.

Our Creations are spirit-blended, magically-infused inspirations of the heart. Whatever form they take, they all begin in that space. Therefore, all orders must be accepted by CelestiAva * Magic to be binding. Your order is accepted when the creation itself has shipped to you.  In this way, if it changes form or energy, if something better comes into form for you, we ensure that what we send to you IS THE MOST PERFECT CREATION OF ALL.  FOR YOU! 



We ship as soon as your creation is complete and ready to begin its journey to you. We will not ship any item until it is ready. Some things are DEFINITELY worth waiting for :- ), so trust the process for these special creations - we do.

We ship via USPS, and are not responsible for any lost or damaged orders. However, we find that these things always have a way of working themselves into a magical resolution, so let us know if something seems amiss. 

Any additional shipping costs, duties, VAT, etc are the responsibility of the purchaser.



All orders are final. They are energetically tied to you from the time you first purchase them - they begin their magic, and bestow their blessings, even before they leave here. For this reason, there are no refunds or exchanges.  Trust what brought you to us in the first place.  Even if you think otherwise in the future, our creations have a way of being MORE THAN PERFECT, if you know what I mean!



Our work is a soulful creation of love. ETHEREAL BUSINESSES work in the energies of creation and service, and thus, are 24 hour/7 day a week adventures. You may be in touch with us via email or message at any time. Phone contact may be arranged in special circumstances in this way. We are in our studio all hours of the day and night - when creation births, we move with her. We cherish our customers and will honor your every inquiry with our presence at the perfect moment in time. WE promise.

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