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A Lifetime of Light . . . "WINGS OF LIGHT" Classes

A Lifetime Of Light

It is here, when we begin the magical journey of opening our hearts and embracing a life of ONENESS . . . that we soar.  We transform in incredible ways.  We expand into frequencies of light we never knew existed.  And we watch as our life itself goes through a metamorphosis of the soul.

Each expansion we embrace, each transformation we step into, and each discovery we make . . . opens us ever more deeply and profoundly into WHO WE TRULY ARE.  We are, one and all, BEINGS OF LIGHT.  Our lives become not just magical - BUT POWERFUL - when we live them in pure alignment with our ESSENCE.  And our lives become not just happy - but filled with BLISS - when we allow each breath we take to guide us deeper into THE REALM OF LIGHT.

For those of you whose heart holds the wisdom of the universe, whose spirit is leading you down this path of Oneness . . . we have the gift of a lifetime for you.  Our "WINGS OF LIGHT" Classes are designed specifically for you.  They are the guardian of the gateways for ethereal souls who are learning to, and committed to, embracing A LIFE OF LIGHT. 

And what is that?  It is a heart-centered life, one lived within the knowledge of oneness.  It is one that chooses TO LOVE - without FEAR.

All of our classes, and all of our other creations to be entirely truthful, are a beautiful, magical bouquet.  Begin anywhere.  Every petal will spark your next perfect opening and expansion, and each class will take you to the next peak of your transformation.  All the other items support and dovetail with THE EXPANSIONS OF LIGHT which are embedded in our sacred classes.  You cannot NOT transform . . . THE LIGHT is there and will plant its seeds within your heart, to bloom and blossom as your soul directs in the perfect way.

Each class will bring you the transformation, the expansion, and the wisdom or truth you most next need or are ready to embrace.  But here is the thing you will discover about LIGHT.  It's a bit like potato chips or popcorn . . . or even JELLY BEANS! :- )  Impossible to taste just one, these classes will draw you in over and over again.  Why?  BECAUSE LIGHT - PURE LOVE - is ever expanding.  So our shoppe is designed to hold A LIFETIME of LIGHT for each of you.  No matter where you begin, no matter what your vibration or fear factor is right now . . . you will find your way into THE HEART OF ONENESS here.

So join us and realize that . . . we are a family.  A FAMILY OF LIGHT.  And we will be here for you as your life expands, as your light grows, and as your truths of life and spirit transform.  LIVING AS LIGHT and LIVING ONENESS are ever-expanding states of being.  There will always be something new here to spark your next magical opening.  How?  Why?  Because . . . ONENESS is infinite.  And it expands through us here, every single day.  And we are committed to mirroring those very same, brand new, as-we-speak currently birthing frequencies of light here - in our shoppe - until we die.

A Lifetime Of Light.  That's what our "WINGS OF LIGHT" Classes bring to you.  Just open your heart, step through the gateway, and receive the blessings each class holds for ethereal souls of light.  Who is an ethereal soul?  WE ALL ARE.  As long as you are awakening . . . into WHO YOU TRULY ARE. 

From our free "A HAPPY HEART" classes to our not-yet-offered SECRETS and TRUTHS OF LIGHT . . . we have an infinite array of brand new, currently birthing higher vibrations to touch your heart.  They come into the shoppe when THEY say it is time - when one of you, or some of you, are ready for THE NEXT NEWEST EXPANSION OF PURE LIGHT.

WELCOME!  We'll be here forever.  Join us whenever you feel . . . A CALLING.  To be more, to transform again, to grow, to blossom . . . TO BLOOM!


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