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Here you will find a most stunning collection of writings - our very own WORKS OF LIGHT!

Quite a long time in the making, we have written what comes in the flow of spirit for - quite literally - decades, now.  As lovely as that sounds, it was not always what one might expect.  Picture, if you will, a woman sitting peacefully near the ocean in an idyllic setting, the breeze blowing her hair as nothing disturbs her inner or outer worlds . . . and the worlds just flow.  That MIGHT have happened once or twice, but most often, these were something akin to "bathroom floor events".  Sick as sick could be, my body transforming in herculean ways to the ever-expanding (and might I just add, seemingly NEVER ENDING!) flow of highest frequencies of light in me. 

Yes, lying there in a heap on the bathroom floor, no longer able to drag my self back to bed or to a nearby chair, I would succumb to wherever I was . . . and wait.  When the waves of light - and the barfing that would ensue - would finally subside, I would pick up the pen and paper I always kept nearby and scribble out what was urging me to capture it RIGHT NOW.  As well, often they would come at the beginning of A LIGHT EVENT, and I would write them on the computer into a blog before I was taken to the shores of this demanding and unapologetic TRANSFORMATIVE LIGHT.

Years later - decades later - these magical, mystical writings are coming forth into the world.  Just for you!  Different than the EPIC WORKS OF LIGHT that also came in between the bathroom floor events, these are less INTENSE and less DEVOUT.  They are potent and powerful just the same, it's just that they tend to waft and flow, defying labels and categories.  Is it a story or a poem, is it a lyric or a wisdom, is it fiction or is it true?  None of that matters.  What matters is this:  THAT THEY ARE HERE . . . and have come forth now TO FIND YOU!

Enjoy these, my magical and ethereal WORKS OF LIGHT.  They hold my heart and soul . . . which I give here now TO YOU!

For some of these, you can find a writing or two, a chapter or so, available on our EDUCATIONAL WEBSITES.  If so, a link is included in the product listing to enable you to take a peek and see if it sweeps you away, into its ETHEREAL REALM.  These are WORKS OF LIGHT.  The question they hold, though, is this:  ARE YOU, TOO? :- )


Oh, and just to be clear, because we get asked this A LOT . . . yes, this is just the beginning.  We have literally thousands of written works of light already recorded . . . just waiting for their time to shine.  And more come ALL THE TIME, so there is no limit to THE LIGHT you can find here. 

May it touch you, may it encourage you, may it inspire you . . . TO BE YOUR OWN HIGHEST LIGHT!

May Magic Reign!


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