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"CELESTIAVA (BIRTH OF LIGHT)" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"CELESTIAVA (BIRTH OF LIGHT)" - Phoenix Rose Essence

$ 77.77

When we embrace THE PATH into



We become A Birth Of Light.

A Complete Rematrixing

Of All We Know.

Of All We Are.


Wow.  What can we really say?

This ESSENCE comes to open the doorway before you of . . .  THE MAP OF LIGHT.  The complete and utter transformation which your soul and essence are about to embark on as you enter the space where ONENESS opens before you.

This is a vibrational state of being which changes everything.  Literally - everything.  Metamorphosis of THE MOST complete kind.  You are, as you prepare to ENTER ONENESS . . . going to live in the COMPLETE UNKNOWN.  The Mystery of Light will be revealed to you as you prepare your body and mind and life - to receive a whole new way of life.  A WHOLE NEW EXPRESSION OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

This essence holds all the frequencies held in the center of THE MYSTERY OF LIGHT - THE DEEP UNKNOWN.  They are used to rematrix - to birth anew - every aspect of your beingness.  From the inside out.

This is potent.  This is profound.  This is otherworldly.  This is celestial.  This is . . . SACRED . . .  as you have never known sacred to be.  Deeper.  More Attuned.  More Wholistic.  More Tender.  More Profound.

A Whole New Life Awaits You.  THIS ESSENCE carries that LIGHT.

Welcome her . . . when you are ready.  Truly READY.  TO BEGIN LIVING as ONE LIGHT.


Your life will
Never be the same.
And that is - EVER - the point! 
Your Soul's Bliss . . . finally . . . embraced.


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